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Best Last Week Ever!!!

I had the most wonderful last week ever! We were able to witness the most amazing miracles ever! The lessons with investigators were of the highest quality, and we doubled the number of appointments this week. We also had a successful branch BBQ, which had a huge impact on the Sunday meetings the following day. But perhaps the most amazing thing of all was a prayer of mine that was answered.

Ever since I arrived in Johor I had wondered why I was sent here. I soon found that I had much to contribute to the English Unit. I was able to direct the organization and work, which resulted in great success. In the missionary area I found that I was able to double the investigator pool size, as well as help half of them become progressing towards baptism. One of the remaining difficulties was helping the members to become engaged in missionary work. The entire transfer I had felt that our potential to have investigators progress relied heavily on member-missionary work. After 6 weeks of prayer, we had a very successful branch activity. Elder and Sister Lamb headed this activity, and we (the Elders) assisted to organize this with the branch mission coordinator. On Saturday night we hosted the BBQ inside our apartment complex. Many branch members attended, but what was surprising was to see almost an equal number of people I had never met. The party was very smooth, but the effect of this event was more than this.

The church meetings on Sunday had previously been somewhat shaky. We had been looking for a way to increase the spiritual atmosphere in the Sacrament meeting and classes. For some reason, perhaps the branch BBQ, but I am convinced it was the 6 six weeks of prayer, it happened. We didn’t do anything special, we just did what we were supposed to do. We prepared the building, played hymns, greeted people, participated in class, and helped members to fellowship non-members. Perhaps it was a change in myself. I felt the Spirit more strongly in that church meeting than in most of my mission. I felt a sense of love. Teachers were attentive to the classes’ needs, investigators came to church, and I felt the love that the Savior has for the members of this branch. I think the result of the work of this transfer has helped the branch increase in its ability to love, but it also helped me to love them. The prayer I had this transfer was to see a miracle, and know that I my work was acceptable to the Lord. I know I was supposed to be here because I changed. I didn’t think I would learn to love Johor in 6 weeks, but I feel like I’m leaving home now. I will miss them.

I’ll see everyone at home!
Elder Chin






I Have Less Weeks Than You Have Years

I’m happy to report that the English Class is always improving. We have had a miracle every week of the transfer. With a stunning 11 new students this week, we hope to reach at least 30 students next week. The Lord is blessing us with creative ways to structure our unit, and we will soon be reaping the harvest from this field of crops.

Elder Low and I have had wonderful experiences with our few investigators. As we taught Sister Pia, she began to ask us questions about a living prophet. She is so wonderful, even though I always get really serious in lessons. This week she asked me, “Elder Low, you’re so funny….Elder Chin….you’re so serious….”. I learned to loosen up a little, and she started being more serious. We will be meeting with her a few times this week to answer her questions. Another mother, Sister Yong, asked us perfect questions about the Plan of Salvation. She is concerned for the salvation of her ancestors. I have confidence that these two sisters can be baptized within the next month. Sister Yong took a huge leap of faith and attended church for all three hours. We will continue to meet with them several times this week.

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on Loving One Another. I suggested three ideas to help us show our care to others. Just as our Heavenly Father patiently listens to our prayers, listen to what others have to say. Try to understand their feelings. Learning to forgive is also essential to loving others. As we let go of hard feelings, we will better understand the patience Heavenly Father has for us. Thirdly, learn to sacrifice our time, resources, and energy. I referenced Elder Bednar’s talk called Character of Christ. Our opportunities to show love to others will not always be convenient. At times it may require that we show care for others when we ourselves may feel unloved. Sacrifice is the greatest form of love. As we learn to listen, forgive, and sacrifice, we will come to understand how much we are loved.

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Chin

Double Conference

I was blessed to finally watch General Conference as well as learn from Zone Conference! I was supposed to be in Singapore this week, but I wasn’t able to get in. Instead I skyped into the conference from a member’s home. It was a little weird being away from Elder Low for 2 days. I received some answers to my questions about faith and repentance. Be sincere and genuine, and love God. When we are obedient, we receive what was promised despite the circumstances.

We were again blessed with English Class miracles. This week 9 new students attended, and about 60% of students stayed to watch the Mormon Message. The Elders were able to find someone to teach through the class.

I was visited by one of the best members every this weekend! Sister Saffron dropped by on Saturday to see me before I go home and watch conference with us. It has been sweet to build friendships all across Malaysia, It will be really hard to leave. Some of the members I have served with have consecrated their lives to being member missionaries. I hope to live like them.

Elder Chin




A couple of great things happened this week, we had a baptism! Wee Loon was baptized and confirmed, and his girlfriend should be on the way as well! I’m proud of him, even though I only taught him a few times. We also found a new family to teach. As we were trying to find a less-active’s house for the third time, we felt prompted to knock on a house. The people there directed us to another house. Those people accepted an English Class flyer when their neighbor came out. That person was looking for a Christian church, and we were quickly able to make good connections to her. In that same neighborhood we found another man who was willing to learn about prayer and find answers to life-questions. It was definitely a great week.

Another English Class miracle: eight more students than last week. A few of those students were brand new, others were brought back from previous classes. Two of those new students became new investigators. I am so happy to see the English unit growing so rapidly, it will be an excellent tool. Right now I’m focusing on member involvement, we only have one member helping us out. As always, missionary success soars with member help.

I hope everyone enjoyed conference, I am excited to watch it this next weekend. Of course I have some good snacks prepared, as well as a list of questions. I will also be attending zone conference in Singapore on Wednesday. This will be my last zone conference 🙁 but I am excited to continue to learn and share a few thoughts.

I had great success as I kept commitments extended in district meeting. The topic of training was attitude. Not only is success unlocked by attitude, but happiness is found. I found that this attitude is what I would call charity. This principle is demonstrated in a talk called The Fourth Missionary. Essentially, a missionary can be obedient, hard working, worthy, and focused, but without a willing heart and devoted attitude he will fail to reap all of the blessings. In other words if we have faith and hope but not charity, we are nothing. This week I remembered to be grateful for things I have been given, and made a particular effort to understand that I do not deserve any blessing or good thing. It is a gift from God. I also remembered to focus my energy to hoping that those who rejected us will someday remember us. A good attitude doesn’t guarantee instant success, but it does bring satisfaction and motivation. Soon after will come the success.

Well, the time is soon coming. I have my flight plans to come home. I will be back October 26th. Anyone is welcome to come and visit me, but I’m hoping not to have a mega hula party or something. I don’t like a lot of attention, but I do hope to see some old friends.

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Chin









English Class Double Attendance!!!!

Last week we played at an escape room. We played the game Annabelle which was supposed to be really scary. It was more funny for the six of us as we figured out the puzzles and scared each other in the dark. This week was just wonderful.

We had a miracle at English Class. We did not have sufficient materials to advertise the class, and I was still getting used to how the unit was run in the past. The weekly attendance has been dropping for 5 weeks, and we were losing our students. As we prayed throughout the week for help, I found small things to change in the curriculum. This week, our student attendance doubled from 8 to 15! Of those students, 80% of them stayed to watch a Mormon Message. Half of those students then came to our movie night the following day. Those people then invited the missionaries into their home to share a message over dinner. Only two weeks of change and we’re already finding great success from our small acts of faith.

I am continuing to find ways to share my talents with others. We are strengthening our relationship with the branch members through notes of gratitude and origami gifts! It just fills the branch with a loving and family atmosphere. We love the members even though there is little time to visit them.

We found three new investigators through former investigators, and we’re back to square one with them. We’re teaching them who God is. It’s so important that they know who they pray to, and who they worship. I have found great revelation as I strive to understand this myself. The Gospel is so simple and offers so much peace. It’s worth sharing.

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Elder Chin





Johor Bahru With a Native

My new area is Johor Bahru, and I have my first native companion Elder Low!!! He’s from Ipoh Malaysia, and he’s teaching me a ton of Chinese. I thought my Chinese was good, well alright, but he’s teaching me every day. We had some opportunities to get to know each other, he’s an outstanding missionary. He is an only-member convert, and his faith is enough to help him push through some of the hardest parts of a mission. Elder Low loves to talk to people and have fun. Our area is right outside Singapore, so many people we talk to are very busy and well educated. We’re needing to build up the area with investigators. Because the members don’t have much time during the week to meet with us, we’re on our own to find people. We’re doing our best to explore and try new ideas.

I honestly really miss Puchong, and it’s only been a week. The Elders there have already updated me with fantastic miracles that occurred this week. Investigators and less-actives that I had tried meeting with are finally following through, and they are having marvelous success. I am so happy for them. Puchong really felt like home for me. It was bittersweet to leave, and I learned a lesson. Throughout the week, I wondered why I had to leave those great people at this time in my mission. I only had 6 weeks left, so why did I have to move? As I pondered, it was found in my purpose as a missionary. I left family I love so that others could be blessed. My family in Puchong will remember me, and I am in Johor so that they can be blessed. Love requires sacrifice. So far, I met outstanding members here who although have a busier schedule than those members in KL, they have amazing testimonies. It is amazing that the church is the same throughout the world. Perhaps it’s nice when the meetings start on time, or the attendance is greater, or the work is easier, but the principles of the Gospel are consistent. I am glad that no matter where I go, I don’t have to worry if truth will ever change.

Elder Chin



Mooncake Festival

This was an outstanding week. We met Simon outside of the church playing Pokemon Go, and he is now a new investigator. Within the first few sentences of meeting him, we invited him to tour the church and listen to a message. He will be meeting with us for the third time this week. We also met a man named Michael who “contacted us” on the street. While we were going about doing the Lord’s work, these miracles popped out of the snow like daisies. It’s so great, although that was a terrible simile. There is no snow in Malaysia.

We had a lot of fun advertising English on the road, visiting members, teaching less actives, and befriending our investigators. We are currently helping one investigator overcome financial problems, another doesn’t understand English well, and we’re finding new ways to help people improve their lives.

We celebrated the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival with the Branch, we had the most amazing party ever! I performed on the piano, we played games and ate lots of good food. We said goodbye to a soon-to-be Elder who is going to New Zealand. With the many events this week, I would describe it as bliss. I feel at home here with these people.

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Elder Chin

We just received transfer news, which is NEVER predictable. I’m moving to Johor Bahru for my last 6 weeks.









Laborers in the Vineyard

I would like to share a parable I found great comfort in. The Laborers in the Vineyard explains that the Lord hired servants to work in his vineyard. Some were called early in the day, others during the heat of the day, and others in the evening. Before the sun went down, the master paid each servant what was rightfully theirs. All received the same wage despite the amount of time spent laboring. Some were angry, not because they were underpaid but they thought they deserved more. I is my testimony that our Heavenly Father is a just God and a merciful God. Elder Holland said that if everything in this world was just and fair, and if God only rewarded the perfectly faithful and righteous, he wouldn’t have much of a distribution list. I am grateful that this life isn’t perfectly fair. We shouldn’t be angry when another person receives blessings. We are all beggars, none of us are perfect. More importantly we should not restrict these blessings to others. None of us deserve a second chance, but here we are on Earth with countless opportunities to prove ourselves worthy. Love others, for He loves us.

Elder Chin



Another fantastic week! Elder Forsyth and I completed our English Class video project, which President and Sister Simmons loved! We had a surprise visit from Elder Evans from the Seventy. We were the only zone in the mission to see him, and he sure gave us some things to think about. He emphasized the value of Preach my Gospel and The Book of Mormon. Simple doctrines and principles in missionary work were discussed, but my testimony of them deepened. One principle that was discussed was reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning. As we analysed 1 Nephi 1, we found so much information relative to what an investigator needs to know. Some of the most basic truths are parents need to teach their children, fathers are especially a part of that process, praying with your heart, revelation can come in many forms, Heavenly Father lives, Jesus Christ lives, Apostles follow Christ, and obedience brings blessings. All these principles were found in the first chapter, which is where everyone should start reading. This principle is stated in Preach My Gospel, which I feel I should be following more closely. The scriptures (including modern scripture) are revelation directly from God.

Elder McCusker and I attended the new missionary training, in which we practiced the fundamentals of Preach my Gospel. These basic principles are so essential in structuring our tactics and lessons. I am reminded that simple truths are what help us build testimonies and become converted. The truth I most heavily rely on is God’s love for me. Just as all aspects of the Gospel are appendages to the Atonement, the basics of missionary work are simple. We want to teach everyone who God is, who Jesus Christ, and what the Holy Ghost feels like. In KL, we’re almost teaching a “Lesson 0” to these Buddhists. Before anyone can accept “The Book of Mormon”, “the only true church” or “eternal life”, they need to know who God is. I realize how apparent this truth may be missing from our lives. How to gain a testimony of who God is described by Lehi; pray with all of your heart.

I learned to keep missionary work simple. Teach people about God through prayer. Help them read the Book of Mormon from the beginning. Be genuine, clear, concise, loving, and rely on the truths that God has already revealed. I would hope all of our prayers are simple and real. God loves us!

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Elder Chin


Tandem Bikes…

We had a fun zone activity last week. The sisters in the area found a cool waterfall hike for us. Along the way we found some good fruit to eat. There was a waterfall to jump over, random pillars for us to take pictures on, and Malaysians sliding down the waterfall. The following day was our zone meeting. We had a great experience watching roleplays and demonstrations about contacting people. Elder Monson was given a difficult situation where he needed to relate a tandem bike to the Gospel. He boldly declared to the sister that Jesus wanted to ride her tandem bike with her….to church. If he’s anything like President Monson, he makes us laugh. The other day we called him up to give him a challenge. We was prepared to give us a challenge as well. We have so much fun with challenging each other to do hard things. One day Elder Avery, who is currently an assistant, called me with a challenge to find a family. The family needed to have a boy holding a balloon. Our initial thought was doubt, we had never seen anyone holding a balloon in the 4 months I had lived here. However, we found hundreds of balloons around Puchong that day. Some company decided to advertise with balloons, and we found many people to talk to. My zone clearly understands that missionary work is fun. We are being very creative and energized to find people to teach.

We had a surprising spike in English Class attendance. Eight new student attended out of nowhere. We realized that we needed to prepare a little extra to accommodate the younger students. We had most students stay for a Gospel Discussion after the class. I learned from their reaction that many people are attracted to the Spirit, wherever it may be coming from. Sometimes it comes from a Mormon Message, or an uplifting thought, or a smile, or even truth from another faith. Missionary work for me is no longer doing missionary things, but it is a way of life. I seek to do good, encourage others, live righteously. I love to make people laugh, crack jokes, and share truth. I learned that the Gospel makes me happy.

Have a wonderful week.
Elder Chin















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