Contacting My Heart Out

I’ve finally met most of the branch members now, but our investigator pool is at 1. This week, I spent a lot of time contacting neighborhoods, in the city, streets, and food courts. We probably spent 20 hrs contacting this week. We hope that we’re able to get some people to teach soon.

In my contacting experiences here, I have found that I have very little control over the “outward success”. I have exhausted all of my energy this week, but I have no power to make people listed to our message. The Lord really controls our situations, and controls if I have investigators or not. I can show him my desire to serve Him in hopes that I will be allowed to teach someone. I have come to realize that Christ knows all of our trials, and therefore knows what we must yet suffer to become as He is. I guess that in order to understand the worth of a single soul I need this experience.

Seems like whenever I struggle, I learn the most. I have often listened to some remarks from Elder Holland about missionary work. He says, “If the missionaries ask why this is so hard, tell them to remember they weren’t the first ones to ask that. Someone asked that a long time ago, someone a lot greater and a lot better. He asked if there was a less excruciating way to die, and for him there wasn’t. If Jesus could fall on His face, bleeding from every poor, then little wonder that salvation is not an easy thing for a missionary”. I have come to realize that if we want to be like the Savior, we will have experiences that will stretch us to the limits. We are never alone, but we must give our all.

Elder Chin



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