Charity Never Faileth

This was a great week of success, finally! I received some tips from Elder MacBeth, a counselor from Hong Kong. He suggested that to deal with the problems that we are facing in our area, track the thoughts that I have every 30 minutes and recite a quote that will boost my self confidence. This week, I have improved my focus on missionary work, and starting from day one of this experiment we were able to have immense success. We found many people wanting to know what we were doing on the streets all day. A mother and daughter stopped in their car when we were talking to someone else, requesting to know what we do and tour the church. I can honestly say that when I have faith in the Lord, the Lord will do His work!

Elder Wimmer and I had a very good conversation on the relationship of obedience and charity. What we have found is obedience is a byproduct of charity towards others. We both have been with people that follow all commandments and rules, but perhaps lack a little charity. When one has all knowledge and intelligence, but does not have charity….. yep. In this discussion, we found that we had cultivated a greater desire to be obedient. But we wanted to be obedient for the right reasons. We both have realized that when we want to serve with all our hearts, we want to be obedient because of the additional power that comes. When we have charity for the people, it doesn’t matter how terrible our social skills are, the people just flock to us. It never fails.

I’m in Johor Baru right now for a Zone Meeting. I was able to finally see Elder Lloyd again, and Elder Avery, and well, everyone. We planning on going golfing. Last week we took a look at Jonker Walk, the Portuguese looking part of town with Chinese shops. We found some interesting things this week. We met a guy with 4 peacocks in his yard, some cool statues of a buff guy, a wedding, and tons of Buddhists worshiping. The air is really polluted here. Indonesia is burning palm trees now, so the sky is always smokey. The Buddhists are also burning their things to their ancestors, which adds to the smoke. It’s not too healthy, but we don’t get as much sun now.

We’re getting tons of work done now, this next week will be really busy. We’re out of town for 2 days, I have another counseling session, and our weeks goals are higher than usual. This week will be great!

Elder Chin









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