The Spirit of God

We started zone meeting off at the driving range in Johor Baru, then progressed to our training. Training was on following the Spirit. We noted several important purposes of the Spirit in missionary work. Teaching by the Spirit is equally as important as finding by the Spirit. The way we teach people should be led by God’s plan in His way. We should also allow people to feel of the Spirit when we first make contact with them. Often times I have found that missionaries might “beat around the bush” by saying, “we’re from America, we want to be your friend, you’re so awesome, we want to give you something that will help you…”. It is important to boldly state our purpose, testify of its truthfulness, then invite them to act on the message. I have found that bold missionaries are not just really good salesmen who use the knowledge of man, but are determined to follow the Spirit to know what to do.

We met with the mother who stopped in her car to talk with us last week. We taught the Restoration, but had a larger emphasis on using the Spirit. I was surprised at how terrible I explained the lesson (I haven’t taught in over three weeks), which resulted in some confusing. However, Elder Wimmer and I did our best to convey our love and God’s love for her. At the end of the lesson, she agreed to attend church. She actually attended church so we could explain what would commence in the meeting. Sacrament meeting was a tender moment… but rather a tender hour. The speakers were inspired so clearly as to understand our investigator’s needs, and boldly testified of the truth that she needed to hear. I was on fire, I felt as if angels were in the church with us. Our investigator needed to leave early to pick up her daughter, but she left the meeting with the largest smile on her face. She latter messaged us to apologize for rushing out of the meeting. She told us that next week it would not happen again. I am so happy she was able to have a peaceful experience. From our previous conversations, it sounds as if she is desperately seeking a source of comfort and peace. Her life story would suggest that she is very lonely. I’m just glad we have the remedy. What a privilege it is to have the ultimate remedy for any problem in the world today.

When my investigator attended church, it took some effort to get the members to talk to her. If you ever see a new person at church, please offer them a hand and a mouth. Missionaries can only do so much talking, we just don’t have the same effect as a normal member. Please reach out to those new people or those who haven’t attended for some time. Please help out the missionaries. We want to do all we can, but missionary work is a missionary-member task. It is embarrassing for us to work so hard with an investigator, then to bring them to church where only the missionaries will talk with them. All members are responsible to be missionaries, and great blessings await for those who are willing to extend Christ’s hand.

I love you all, I hope this message will reach all of those who need it.
Elder Chin




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