Escape Room

Last week we played at an escape room. I don’t believe they exist in America, but they are way fun. They lock us in a room, and there are clues in the room to escape. There are hidden doors, hidden writing, puzzles, riddles, and other challenging obstacles. The game we played was called Small Hill Asylum. We did not make it out in the 45 minutes, but they allowed us to finish the game. I really enjoyed this activity.

We did not find anyone new to teach this week, but our previous investigator has been progressing. In our visit yesterday, I learned a great deal of the stress that occurs when changing religions. When we talk to people here, we will often find people who don’t believe in their religion. Someone will say they are Buddhist (or Catholic, Hindu, Lutheran…) but will not actively practice or believe their religion. What we learned from our investigator was that when people change religions, it culturally means betraying their family’s tradition and honor. It often means that children will follow their parent’s religion even if they disagree with its beliefs. As for our investigator, she expressed some of her feelings on the differences of Buddhism and Christianity. We found that we needed to teach at a pace she could keep up with. I had never known what an investigator experiences when making contact with our church. It definitely fills my heart with more compassion and patience. For a person such as her, she had made great sacrifices in her life to look for truth.

The haze from Indonesia still reigns our skies. It’s quite annoying because people are staying inside more. Hope everyone is staying healthy.

Elder Chin





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