One Week More!!! (Les Miserables)

Well, one week more and I’ll hit my year mark! I can’t believe I’ve been a missionary for almost a year. I think I’ll have a small celebration by going out for sushi! I’m pretty excited!

President Simmons and Sister Simmons visited our branch, and I was lucky to receive a second interview with President Simmons. They also presented a fireside talking about the Proclamation to the World. One miracle I would like to share occurred during the fireside. In the middle of Sister Simmon’s presentation, Elder Wimmer and I received a text from our investigator, requesting to meet in 20 minutes. I had a strong prompting to leave the meeting, and we biked as fast as we could across town. We met with her at a night hawker stand. As we talked with her, it was evident that she was struggling with something. We never found out what it was, but we did have an opportunity to bear our testimonies on the importance of the family. By her responses we assume that she struggled to believe the Proclamation, but wished to believe it was true. The Spirit was stronger than in any other lesson I have had, and I felt a confirmation that I had fulfilled my purpose. I later realized that God allowed us to have an increase of Spirit because we had followed the initial prompting. We were willing and able to follow the Spirit, and we received what the scriptures promised we would receive.

Transfers was today, and I’m still in Melaka. I’m excited for a new transfer! The haze from the fires in Indonesia is somewhat clearing up, but still isn’t very good. Hopefully it can go away next week.

Love you all!
Elder Chin




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