One Year More!

Wednesday is my year mark! Yay! I can’t believe how much I’ve learned, but I believe learning is exponential. This next year will be full of even more growth! Well, here I go!

I finally had a chance to listen to conference, and I was pleased to receive personal revelation for myself and my area. I have never appreciated listening to prophets and apostles more than now. While listening I could sense the concern each of the speakers had for me and all people who needed to hear their message. I could feel that their messages contained heavenly inspiration and only servants chosen by God himself can display such power.

Some of my favorite talks were from Elder Holland on the sacrifice of mothers, Elder Stevenson on receiving assistance despite inadequacy, and Elder Aoyagi on the function of the church. Without giving you a summary of their talks, I want to say each of these speakers shared a message that inspired me to live on a higher plane, and was direct revelation to me as a missionary. One of the most important lessons I learned however was knocking. Revelation is revealed to those who will act and are searching for it. At this conference I was seeking specific answers, and I received more than I needed. I know that all of their messages were true and from God.

I have lately come to the realization that I can strengthen my testimony of the Plan of Salvation. Over the months, I have run across several other “Plans” in other churches and religions. After hearing about them, it is easy to see the slight deviations that Satan uses to lead people astray. The river parallel to the iron rod causes many people to be confused. I have desired to understand more of the “why” of the plan. Most people can identify similarities and differences in God’s plan and other plans (the what), but don’t understand why God created it, why we follow it, and why this is the only feasible plan. The more I learn about God’s love, the more it motivates me to share!

Have a great week everyone, stay safe! I hope no more missionaries flip over on their bikes.
Elder Chin



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