Singapore Once Again

I’m in Singapore for Zone Conference today for a few days. I’m excited to meet the other half of the mission. Because I was in East Malaysia, I never got to see the missionaries from West Malaysia and Singapore. We’re trying to see a couple of places in Singapore before the conference with the few spare hours we have.

This week was better than last week. We still weren’t able to meet with investigators, but we certainly have strengthened our ability to contact people. We found four potential people with interest in hearing our message, but unfortunately we’re in Singapore for three days and Kuala Lumpur for two days. To prepare for these appointments, I’ve been focusing on the basics of How To Begin Teaching. I recently talked with some former-Buddhist converts of the church to see what I could learn. From their experiences it appears that in order to spark an interest in the Gospel, they need to hear a message that “fills the wonder of their souls”. In a sense, following the Spirit so closely that I can say what they need to hear to have peace. While on the streets, many Buddhists, Hindus, and other Christians seem to have something missing from their lives. I hear of their beliefs, but never of their testimonies. It seems as though they believe from tradition, but deep inside they wonder what the truth is.

Overall this week, I think I’ve regained some confidence in talking to people. We seem to have found a better area to find people, and less people run away. We haven’t been able to share any messages yet, but we are working on increasing our potential-pool. Hopefully by the end of the transfer we’ll be able to have a few investigators learning. We’re going to try some different contacting methods in a few weeks. We hope to increase the attendance at our English class. In the past, it’s been hard to do this because Muslims cannot attend the class. Most of the people interesting in the English class were Muslim, which was very sad. We will also try contacting a new section of town, which is very far away. We’ll be really sweaty biking over four long hills for about 45 minutes, so I hope everyone will ask us if we need a drink!

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