Faith to Revelation

This week was a great experience of finding people. We found some great places with interested people. Overall, I think this week was a miracle. Some people started to investigate, several others have potential, and the atmosphere of the work here has changed. We recently met with a Buddhist college student who studied engineering and works for Amway. He gladly listened to our message and accepted the invitation to pray. Although he did not accept the challenge for baptism, we feel he has great potential. Of all the people we teach in Melaka, we the greatest struggle we have is helping them to receive revelation. With many less-active members and investigators, reading the scriptures has little meaning to them. These people will search the scriptures for answers to their questions, but do not find the answers they are looking for. This week, I studied how to receive revelation. The greatest hope these people have is to exercise faith in keeping the commandments. I learned that revelation comes through the Holy Ghost, which promptings are small and subtle. To receive the revelation, we need to be worthy of the Holy Ghost. Altogether, we can exercise faith to receive an answer through the scriptures. With myself included, I feel that I can increase my faith in Christ’s teachings. Some days it is difficult to believe that people are prepared to listen to us. After the small miracles this week, I can see that there are prepared people everywhere.

Last week, I found Iron Man. I don’t know why he was standing in a store, usually he’s flying around the city. I also found a public toilet, which is terrible for the environment. There were hundreds of mosquito eggs inside, which is probably why I’m always getting mosquito bites. We also found a man from Idaho, who claims he is a descendant from Joseph Smith. He shares some small message about Jesus and asks other people to share the same message. He is not a member of the church, but he was very kind to meet with us. We also found some Sega Worms in a rotting palm tree, they are way gross. In my past area the people fry them up on the streets. I got a good picture of the city from a bridge. Malaysia is beautiful.

Have a fantastic week everyone!
Elder Chin






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