Guess I’m on the run again. I’m being transferred to Sebu (East Malaysia). That’s 5 areas in 13 months! If I keep this up, I could visit all of the areas in the mission (at least for a Chinese Elder).

This week I ate Nan Tandori at a famous shop downtown. It’s a piece of bread similar to a tortilla, and baked chicken in a curry and chili pepper marinade. I also “Tim Tam Slamed” which was drinking Milo (hot chocolate) through a Tim Tam (Kit Kat-like chocolate bar). It’s a lot of chocolate. This week was full of good food. We’re planning on eating sushi latter today. Today is Elder Ebeling’s last day on his mission. I’ve been around a lot of dying missionaries my whole mission. Hopefully I’ll get to train a missionary soon.

We starting teaching a man who works at a phone store in a mall. He is a Chinese Christian man who hasn’t been to church in 6 months. It’s somewhat hard to teach him in the mall, so we’re hoping we can find another place. He isn’t really interested in the message, but at least he’s meeting with us. We also taught another Chinese Christian man, but he’s quite active in his church. His only friend circle comes from church, so he’s quite skeptical towards us. He listened to the Restoration and agreed to pray about it. We visited him again, but he still hasn’t prayed. Maybe he’ll do it in the next few days. We also found a college student from Tawau (my first area) on Sunday. He is Buddhist, but says he’s a free thinker. He seems like he would be receptive to a message, and he’s free 3 days out of the week. Unfortunately I won’t be in the area to see this stuff happening.

I found a picture of the Islamic Prophets. I never found out much about Islam, mostly because we don’t talk to them as much. People might get the wrong impression and think we’re preaching to them. It’s not legal to preach to Muslims here, but I don’t understand why we can’t talk. The picture talks about uniting the human race in a single religion, and receiving divine revelation from God. I don’t understand everything, but it’s fascinating to learn about. It explains a lot of the culture here.

Have a great week!
Elder Chin




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