Back in Sarawak

My first week in Sibu has been great. Sibu is in the same state as Miri and Bintulu, so I see a lot of similarities. I’m glad to be back in East Malaysia, it feels like home. My companion is Elder Sabin, from Wyoming. So far, he is outstanding. He can contact like a machine gun, they drop down like flies! We’re seeing a lot of potential for the area, and our investigator pool is larger than normal. We’re hoping to see a lot of change this month.

I’m not really sure what I want to talk about this week, but I feel that I’m supposed to be here. I’ve been in a lot of areas, and I’ve gained a lot of experience from different companions. I know I’m supposed to be in this branch. I hope to be a good example to them and help them grow. Sometimes I feel that members don’t feel the true joy of the Gospel. The Gospel brings inner peace, confidence, optimism, hope, motivation, and divine assistance. I want these members to know that they share the missionary responsibility with me. The Lord asks them for a sacrifice as much as He asks me. He also will reward all laborers according to their work. I hope to have some miracles in this area.

That’s all for this week, have a great week.
Elder Chin









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