Rainy Season

It’s been starting to rain a lot, so the streets are flooding now. We had a wonderful week meeting with a few members and finding 25 people with potential to hear the gospel. We’re still working on improving our contacting abilities, but we’re making some progress. To quickly explain some of the pictures, we find weird signs, weird plants, weird rivers, weird fire hydrants that can’t really be accessed, awesome Ta Ann Do fighters, awesome night markets in the city, Thanksgiving dinner, and a solution to biking when some one gets a flat tire. Also Duran, stressed out companions, and great chicken mushroom rice that costs 6RM = 2USD.

We had great plans this week to visit investigators, but most of them were not able to meet. However, one 20 year old investigator who consistently comes to church met with us before church. He asked sincere questions about choosing a church, proper authority and revelation, and how to find peace amidst trouble. I am often reminded about missionary stories from Preach My Gospel. When I read Preach My Gospel, rarely do I have experiences like those. But I realize that the principles from the stories apply to all people. All people are best helped with the Gospel, people are seeking for it (although they may have trouble believing it comes from us), and miracles do occur.

To anyone seeking a more miracle filled lifestyle, I would recommend Preach My Gospel.

Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas Season!!! And to those in warmer climates, A White Christmas.

Elder Chin













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