Chicken Burritos

We found a lot of success this week around Chicken Burritos. They really aren’t chicken burritos because they’re still alive. I don’t really know how to explain it, so look at the pictures. We found them at a market in the Bandar (City) and ran into these little guys. We also found three people there that would listen to our message. Lately, we’ve been taking the approach of a “message of the true meaning of Christmas”. I’m surprised that people’s hearts have been opened up ever so slightly around this time. We found a large Christmas tree display in another part of town where everyone was taking pictures. We found quite a few Buddhists and Muslims roaming around there, so even if they don’t know what Christmas means they can still be happy.

We received another considerable amount of rain, which soaked us completely. Ironically, the day we were soaked we achieved 3 new investigators. It’s been a while since we were able to teach someone. We taught a few people over the chicken burritos, a fruit stand, and a vegetable stand. We’re getting a good balance, we’re still looking for a dessert stand though. I’m grateful for the success we were blessed with this week. I have also been working on improving the church experience. This week was a significantly better experience for our members. Almost all members came on time, more of them stayed for second hour, participated in class, and Elder Sabin and I were able to teach two youth about Wielding the Spirit as a Missionary. We had some powerful spiritual experiences, which we haven’t had in some time. As we taught the two youth of the Spirit, we had the opportunity to identify the Spirit as we taught of the Restoration. Church will continue to gradually improve as we bring investigators in the following weeks.

I was assigned as the English Unit Leader. I’m in charge of managing the English classes. My mission has an emphasis on using English class as a finding tool. In some areas, classes are as large as 60 students. We would like to involve members in this effort to allow them to become friends with these people and show them what a member of the church is like.

One thing I’ve learned is that a testimony doesn’t always begin with “I know” or “I believe”. Over the hours of contacting people, I’ve gotten the best responses from people when I testify of truth. When I testify of truth, it is as simple as “God is your Heavenly Father”. There is no room for doubt, and others cannot deny the truth even if they don’t believe it. It is truth, and with truth comes the Spirit. I have come to realize that when I live worthily of the Spirit and testify of truth with the Spirit, others can’t do anything. They can accept the message, or they can walk away knowing they rejected the Spirit. We would like all members in the branch to become constant missionaries to their friends and invite them to activities such as English class. If we can work effectively with the members, we will have exponential success.

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas season and finding ways to remember Jesus Christ! Have a White Christmas, and I’ll continue to have a Wet Christmas!

Elder Chin









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