Happy New Year!!!

Christmas was fantastic! We had a very spirit filled atmosphere, or at least the best it can get here. I guess the other Christians don’t actually do anything for Christmas, it’s just a tradition because it’s December. But we had a great time visiting the members and investigators this week. We had a branch Christmas party with a great turnout, and an improved sacrament meeting. Things are getting really good in Sibu! Transfers is today, so there might be some changes in the area. I’m working very hard to prepare for the English class launch in the coming weeks. I really enjoyed this part of the year, and sadly it’s my last one in the mission. 🙁 The videos the church has been putting out are outstanding. I love how simple it is to remember what Christmas is about. Christmas has all the meaning in the world when it is centered on Christ.

I really don’t have anything else to say. Happy New Year!!!
Elder Chin










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