Lots of Sleep

This week was a little long, another missionary and I caught some stomach flu. They threw us together in a house while everyone else went to work. We got some extra sleep to recover, and now we’re back at it! We went on a small hike this morning to the highest point in Sibu, which wasn’t very high. Sibu is a very small area, and the tallest “hill” is in equal elevation to a 20-story building. We however got some great pictures and exercise in the hot sun. We found a truck on the way almost tipping all of it’s materials on the road. Another sight was a bicycle with handlebars on the wheels. This week’s been really weird.

I will be attending zone conference in Singapore in over a week, I’m really excited to see everyone again. This week I was pondering following the council of Priesthood leaders. At points in my mission I have found their guidance to be very instructive and constructive. At other times I have found it hard to follow their direction. I have wondered what to do when leaders do not do their part, and what effect it has on the people under their jurisdiction. I conversed with my companion on this topic. We found that although some leaders may not be perfect, it does not restrict the agency of others. Obedience to Priesthood leaders is not always easy, and may not yield the best visible results. However, obedience to the person the Lord has hand-chosen will always result in growth and blessings. When a leader is in tune with the Spirit and shares revelation to those it is applicable to, it allows others to receive a wider variety of blessings and opportunities. Obedience to the Lord’s command opens the windows of heaven.

Obey the commandments, obey the Spirit, and be happy!
Elder Chin














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