Object Lessons

English class this week was a great success! We had a total of 10 students, 6 more than last week! Three students were non-members, and found the class by the sign outside the church! We also had a less-active member attend, who said he would bring more friends next week. I will be receiving more training this week in Singapore on how to improve this, but it’s already looking great! 10 students is not a lot, but it has the potential to grow now. We’re praying for help this week to get more revelation in these efforts.

I’m back in Singapore on Wednesday for a few days, which means I’ll be able to see East Malaysia Missionaries again! We will receive training on teaching by the Spirit, helping members fulfill their callings, and how to show spiritual principles through object lessons. I hope this will help us to show how simple the Gospel is. Christ used parables, and object lessons certainly are similar. One of the famous object lessons in the Singapore Mission is the prophet. We first hold out our hand in a fist and explain that it represents God. We ask the investigator to hold out a fist beneath the fist which represents God. We then move our hand to the right and ask them to follow God. Their fist will follow to their left. We ask the investigator if they can see God. Occasionally, we get a “yes” and are not sure what to do. If they say “no”, then we tell them to close their eyes. With their eyes closed, they do not know which direction “God” is moving. Using a pen, we explain that it represents a prophet. With a prophet, we understand and feel which direction God is leading us. Performing the demonstration again with a pen connection the two hands, the investigator is able to “follow God” with the help of a prophet. I have loved object lessons, they show how basic the principles of the Gospel are. The investigators love to learn from these examples. The schools here do not use involvement as a tool in learning, but they love to understand these things. It helps them to relate their physical senses to the Spirit. In my personal studies, I have studied 21 Principles by Elder Scott. He makes a powerful statement which promises that if we practice following the Spirit, the direction will be more clear than decisions made with our physical senses. The Spirit is certainly the best tool missionaries have ever been given. Christ’s teaching style is certainly another perfect example of how to teach. Combined with Preach My Gospel, scriptures, revelation, and companions, WOW! We certainly are lined up for success! Sometimes it’s hard to remember, but God wanting us to succeed is a constant fact.

Elder Chin





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