I don’t know about you, but when I go to another person’s house, I expect to stay on the ground (check the pictures). But then again, I don’t mind being Spiderman for a day. Actually, a less active member brought us to a random furniture store with an upside-down room. I also found a huge french fry at KFC. KFC in Malaysia is huge, chicken is the main food source besides rice. This week, I think I ate at KFC four times. And on the subject of food, I made pasta for Sunday dinner. Creamy Alfredo sauce with oysters.

One of my favorite memories from this week was exchanges with Elder Thompson on Friday. We visited an investigator who works at home. At the time we visited her, she was “too busy” to meet with us. We had already brought a church member with us, so we asked if we could teach her 16 year old daughter. She agreed to listen, and we shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is currently Buddhist, but she paid very close attention to the principle of faith. Although she did not have much knowledge of who Christ is, she desired to become like the person we described. She committed to baptism, agreed to study about the Atonement, and to repent. After our lesson, we asked the mother if we could be of any help. She noted that her backyard was covered in weeds, but that we would not be willing to help her weed because we were dressed nicely. I am proud to say that we cleaned up everything. She was very impressed in our willingness to sweat through the afternoon after a heavy rain (it’s much hotter after rain). I hope that this small service will help us to share more with her family.

We are continuing to find random people in random back-alley ways and in shops to teach. Some of the are not willing to continue meeting, but we are still hoping we will find some that do. I’m continuing my study of the Book of Mormon (around 2 Nephi 6) and am always finding new revelations. I have lately learned a lot about the Plan of Salvation, particularly the “plan” part. It certainly is the most intricate complex perfect ingenious plan ever made, but it is simple enough for everyone to hear. Every element of the plan is perfectly designed and essential for the plan to work. Agency certainly is an interesting principle, especially why missionaries teach it to non-members. I’ve always wondered “why share about Adam and Eve eating some fruit”. After reading the Book of Mormon, this story is made more clear. I respect the Book of Mormon, it contains true principles. It contains truth.

Elder Chin







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