Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in Sibu is crazy!!! Every neighbor buys hundreds of fireworks and firecrackers and lights them off for hours every day! The streets are littered with the waste. No one sleeps, everyone just makes lots of noise so that the rest of the year is “lucky”. I have enjoyed all of the free firework shows, dinner invitations, and free money. We were invited to party with our neighbors, and we sure did have a feast. We’re expecting a few more meal appointments, and hopefully we can find some people to teach.

We are continuing to meet with the mother and daughter we gave service to last week. I visited them again, and we were given another service opportunity. The mother again was not able to participate in the conversation because she was working, but her daughter accepted the invitation to keep the commandments. She is our best investigator, but has a little ways to go. We found out that her family has six members, all of which are eligible to become investigators. I am praying that we are able to teach them all, we are really struggling to get investigators progressing. It’s a tough challenge to get these people to have interest in improving their lives.

As we were contacting in the city area, we ran into two missionaries from the Jesus Is Lord church. We were able to have a conversation about the Godhead, baptisms for the dead, the need for prophets, and modern revelation. After our discussion, I felt extremely inadequate in my use of scriptures. I also learned a great deal of the Spirit. This was not the first time I have run into other missionaries, and they all are able to back up their beliefs with their interpretation of the Bible. The Spirit is the teacher, and it’s quite hard to always remember that. I often find myself looking like those other missionaries proving beliefs through scripture verses, and wishing I could have said more. This week, I felt impressed that others learn a lot more from example than from word. I have been prompted to life more worthily of the Spirit, refining my focus on the Savior, and seek to always do His will. I have found a greater love for Christ when reading through Jesus The Christ (James E. Talmage). Christ is a very diligent, loving, and loyal missionary. I have felt a renewal of spirit by studying his ministry along side his teachings in the Book of Mormon.

I am proud to say that I will be graduating from my teenage years on Saturday. We will probably go celebrate by eating sushi or something. Elder Lundahl-Wolford’s birthday is four days after mine. We will celebrate again by eating some more food. I hope that everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day.

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