I Love It

Elder Lundahl-Wolford and I are improving our ability to become master-contacters. We found a family on the side of the road on Sunday afternoon with a flat tire. After we addressed their needs and concerns, we found an opportunity to show them our love and invite them to hear a message. We have met with two other families, and we’re building up our investigator pool. One of our investigators is now progressing towards baptism, and his “fruits” are impressive! He has cut his smoking habit from about 50 cigarettes a day to 20 cigarettes. We are coming closer to other investigators, identifying needs and concerns in their life. It is my testimony that before people can accept the Gospel, they first need to be loved. We are increasing in love towards all people, and especially in love towards the Savior. We are having great success in the Sibu area, leading the mission in baptisms so far. There are still some problems that need to be addressed, but we can see the blessings being showered upon us. I hope for a better life for the people in Sibu.

Chinese New Year is clearing up tonight with a last explosion of fireworks, we had many opportunities to celebrate with the members. Last Tuesday we had a celebration together with the members. They brought a large plate of noodles and vegetables. It was colored blue, orange, red, purple, and some other colors. Together, we mixed them together with chopsticks while saying new years resolutions. I love it! Last preparation day, we went bowling. I have a rivalry with Elder Thompson, he somehow is always a few points above me. My last games were losing 127-135 and 116-118.

I’m having a blast out here loving everyone and witnessing miracles. Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Elder Chin


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