Working So Hard I Pooped My Pants

So this week, we worked so hard I pooped my pants. In the Singapore Mission, you’re not a real missionary until this happens. Luckily we were close to home, so I got cleaned up. Bucket list…. check. The Elders here are having a BBQ, we’re really excited to eat grilled wings and potatoes. This week was full of great food. We had steamboat, which means we cook our own food. We will put noodles, meats, vegetables, and sauces into a soup bowl in the middle of the table, and we place the contents over rice with broth. We also ate some great pork burgers, which are rare in an Islamic country. I’ve been quite spoiled with food this week.

We currently have one investigating family, which we will be meeting for the third time today. We plan on helping them understand where truth comes from, and how cleverly faked truth looks appealing. They have a Christian background, and they would benefit from understanding prayer, revelation, authority, and the fullness of the Gospel. We are investing a lot of attention into the English class program as well. It’s been quite hard to find new investigators lately, so we hope to find some through English class.

Love you all!
Elder Chin


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