Into The Jungle

Last week, the members took us Elders in the middle of the jungle to catch fish and huge lizards. We caught a decent amount of fish in random streams. We unfortunately didn’t find any biawaks, which was going to be the highlight of the trip. It still surprises me every time I realize I’m on the other side of the world in a jungle!

I made some changes to the English Class program this week. As we were advertising, we started using clipboards to write down potential student’s numbers. This helped us really improve the professionalism of the program. We also spray painted some signs, which will be used next week. Although none of the people that signed up came to class, we found another guy off the street. He saw the “welcome to English Class” signs outside the church, and was actually interested in the church. In addition, he wants to improve his English writing skills. We challenged him to come to church, and he came. I’m very exited from the potential of English Class, but I’m scared that I will be transferred. Transfers is next week, so I have one more week to do some work!

Elder Lundal-Wolford and I taught the Lee family English this week. We found a great way to give service to them, as the parents want to improve their English. The four children learn quite quickly, and the mom and dad need to keep up with them. We taught them emotions such as “angry, sad, hopeful, and scared” as well as descriptive words. They had a great response to the teaching and want to learn more. We taught the youngest son how to pray in English, and hopefully the parents will pray next.

A member’s daughter was baptized on Saturday, which was combined with the Malay Elder’s baptism. It was odd to mix the two languages, members of the different branches needed to leave to different rooms to understand the meeting. It was a great way for the different cultures of Chinese and Iban to mix and strengthen their unity as members of the church.

The Elders had a Sunday dinner after church yesterday, and I had a opportunity to experiment with cooking. I cooked an Alfredo-pasta with beef with an Italian-herb chicken. Cooking is so much fun! I don’t usually have time to cook, and I came up with this food on the spot! It was quite decent for a first time experiment, and no one complained.

I love my mission, it’s the best! I hope everyone is having opportunities to further the Lord’s work all around the world!

Elder Chin




















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