6 Months More…. Almost

Not much took place this week, just helping Elder Pearce get adjusted to the area and familiar with members. English Class took a hit this week, members didn’t attend because their favorite Elder was transferred. I’m still looking for ways to draw people into the class. I haven’t had a chance to listen to General Conference yet, but it should be ready in Chinese by next week. I will also attend another Zone Conference next week in Singapore, which should be sufficient personal revelation to get things started for a while. English Class has been a mission-wide and Asia area project, and I am looking forward to receiving some revelation for that at conference.

This week I realized that I will soon be hitting my 6 month left mark. I am glad to have the chance to serve in so many places in Malaysia. Over this period of time I learned how the members of the church around the world are different, but the Gospel is a universal truth. People long ago in Biblical and Book of Mormon times experienced temptations from the same being who tempts us today. Anyone can learn from the scriptures because eternal principles are the same for everyone. Although everyone has their own road in life, we can all rely on the same source of help because we all face the same enemy. The Gospel is everyone.

I hope you all enjoyed General Conference and received answers and comfort to your questions.

I have one question for you to ponder. Batman or Superman? Everyone in Malaysia is asking me this question, and it’s pretty important. I personally like Batman, but that’s just me. It comes up in quite a few conversations. Hopefully you all agree because Batman is the best.

Elder Chin

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