General Conference…. Finally

I finally had the chance to watch General Conference yesterday! Wow, I feel inspired. I felt touched and the need to change things in my life. All of the conference talks emphasized important aspects of the Gospel. In this conference, I felt overwhelming relief in hearing that we get credit from God for trying our best to live the Gospel. What a merciful father he is, that we don’t have to stress over filling a quota of living commandments. He allows us to serve him freely without a doubt that he will be happy. He gives us time to repent without him nagging us, and he provides us the resources to improve. As I took notes the most frequent impression that came to my mind was that God loves me, and I can do my best. I was reminded that although the speakers words were very touching, the Spirit is the real teacher.

Zone conference is this week, I’ll be leaving on Wednesday as normal. Hopefully I’ll have some time to grab some burritos or some Mexican food, I have a huge craving for cheese! At conference, we will be trained on how to better extend commitments and finding people to teach. We will also study how to have more effective studies. I’m very excited for this, it will begin my 6 month left reign in the mission. I hope to make these last 6 months effective.

This week was spent cleaning out our branch directory, tracking down less actives and other no-name people. We found a returned missionary who had removed his records from the church due to being offended. He has allowed us to periodically visit him, and has nothing against the church. While visiting him, he shared some experiences that led him away from the church. I had the clear impression to let him know that we were brothers, and despite his history the Gospel can help him. It was a great lead-up to watching General Conference.

This week is going to be great, so enjoy it wherever you are!

Elder Chin

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