There and Back Again (Singapore)

Zone Conference was sure a blast! We had a mission activity at Marina Bay watching the light show. All of the missionaries walked down to the bay front and sang hymns, ate treats, and enjoyed Singapore at night. At this conference I started to feel really old. Sister Huff, who is in my MTC group, will be completing her mission this month. I got a picture with her and Elder Avery, who is no the AP. Many other missionaries that I have known my whole mission are leaving soon, and soon it will be me.

I received some revelation for the English classes. The overall direction of the unit is to be professional. Keep doing what we’re doing, but be prepared for large amounts of students. My leaders emphasized that anytime the church does something, it is done really well. We can change the way the classes are prepared and organized, as well as change the vision for the classes. I want to help the classes be a friendly atmosphere where members and non-members can mingle and actually talk (they don’t know how to socialize). We are uncovering some effective advertising methods and teaching principles. It is a great way to serve.

A training was given on Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. The focus was to help us understand how a Christian faith looks to them. We learned about their perspective on a mortal life, being Karma and Nirvana. In a nutshell, they do good things in hopes that the next life will be better. If they fulfill their purpose in whatever life form they are, they will be “upgraded” in the next life. Because of their beliefs, they have no need for a Savior because repentance does not exist. They can only minimize the bad actions they will do in the future. Because of these beliefs in a non-merciful and just world, they don’t want to risk loosing their chance at becoming “upgraded” by following some other belief. This is the same for all religions, we don’t want to loose our faith for something we’re not sure about. We were instructed to compliment people on their righteous actions, good moral values, and their commitment to be good people. It is easier to help them see the goodness of the Gospel if we don’t focus on our differences. I was taught to love people into the Gospel. I paralleled this presentation with Ammon’s strategy with the Lamanites. He connected a previous belief of a Great Spirit to a loving God. I really enjoyed learning what it’s like to be a Buddhist.

More training was given on planning lessons. The principle emphasized as know-feel-do. First identify a commitment for the person. Understand what the person must feel in order to keep the commitment for the right reason. Finally, choose a lesson or method of teaching that principle. By doing this, we are allowing the Spirit to teach the importance of the Gospel rather than us ramble on and on.

Love people wherever you are, there is always someone that needs to be loved!
Elder Chin























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