The Book of Mormon

This week was a grand feast in the Book of Mormon. I started from the beginning and am currently in Alma 5. Over the course of this study, I’ve seen a consistent effort from the writers to declare the Doctrine of Christ. Believe that Christ lived and Atoned for your sins, and change! The entire book is members of Christ’s church reaching out to others so that they too might have happiness. The span of these hundreds of years testifies of a consistent truth, that missionary work will always be present. It provides valiant examples of missionaries and their change from ‘wicked and idolatrous’ to a ‘proclaimer of the truth’. I don’t think I’ve ever understood the description “idolatrous” until I came to Malaysia. When people worship other Gods, some crazy bad stuff happens. However far we may have gone, there is always a path that leads to God. If we pursue that path, it will often look like a story of Alma or Ammon. When we do the will of the Lord by being his hands, we feel how he feels. We see the miracles he would perform if he were here. These blessings and miracles were given to not only prophets and missionaries, but valiant members of the church who defended their faith. Every member a missionary! 🙂

The Lee family is still being taught, no one new is investigating. We have focused our efforts on reactivating less actives. In our visits, we have discovered the need for members to assist in missionary work. Members have a power to befriend that Elders from a foreign country do not immediately have. Those that have fallen away from the church need a friend. Members have the role to fellowship, give additional testimony, and provide examples to those in need.

I can’t remember how structured houses in America are, but some of them here are a little…. shifty. Thunderstorms are also quite dark. I’m assuming this is what Lehi’s dream was like. If the great and spacious building looks tempting, this is what it looks like! 🙂

Elder Chin



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