Seeds…. They’re So Slow!!!

This week was fantastic, I’m reading from 3 Nephi in my personal studies. I loved reading about the missionaries among the wars and political difficulties. It reminds me that the Gospel is the solution to all these worldly problems. I feel particularly close to these missionaries after reading about their struggles and challenges. All people are at some time discouraged and want to turn back, but a love for the Lord is enough to press onward. The Book of Mormon covers so many years of missionary work and mentions hundreds and thousands of converts. Sometimes I wonder why these things don’t happen to me. I received a few pondering thoughts this week on this question.

In my quarterly interview with President Simmons, I mentioned some thoughts from my patriarchal blessing about finding success. As he replied with points of advice, he mentioned the parable of the seed. In this part of the world combined with the assignment to a certain people, President noted that an influence has great effect. Results may not be seen for generations, but it will be a testimony that God loves all of this children. I noticed a similar parallel in Book of Mormon missionaries. Their mindset was focused on sounding the voice of God, despite what the reaction was. They testified that they will be at the judgement bar to testify that the Gospel was sounded in every ear. Perhaps some day in the eternities we will find the fruits of all of our labors, but for now we must have faith or believe that God says it makes a difference.

English Class is going great, although we had a slight disturbance which ultimately proved that our efforts are working. A senior couple from another area was presenting an activity for Family History the same day and time of our English Class, and so we encouraged many members to attend that class instead. Without those members, we still had 9 students. Class was more smooth and engaging for each student, and our members are beginning to catch the vision for English Class. A member brought her friend for the second time (who is Chinese) and was fellowshiped by a member of my branch. We hope she will turn in to an investigator, as she attended English Class twice in addition to another branch activity. Sister Simmons was excited to hear this news and noted that I will probably continue in organizing English Units.

Sister Pang, a new investigator, allowed us to teach her more about Jesus. We are very excited for her progression, she currently attends another church. With her current knowledge, she has great potential to understand the Restoration. Brother Lee accepted a baptismal date goal, which we hope will be followed by the members of his family. Unfortunately, transfers is this week. I have a feeling that after my 6 months of service here and finally seeing some results, I have the potential of being transferred. The members are much closer to us, we have gained their trust by taking responsibilities and being diligent in loving them. We had a wonderful testimony meeting yesterday, in which many members shared their missionary experiences. We shall see what shall happen.

“That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:” 1 Peter 1:7

Elder Chin





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