Area Number 6

I’m back to West Malaysia! My new area is Kuala Lumpur, serving as the District Leader. My new companion is Elder Li. Honestly, I’m really nervous to be back in the city environment. Kuala Lumpur will be fast paced and a different experience than my other areas. It will probably be my last area of my mission. However, I’m excited to have a fresh start for my last 4 transfers.

English class wasn’t very successful this week despite our awesome advertising on the busiest street in Sibu. We are blaming the Sarawak Elections for this outcome because there are thousands of signs on the street. We had one member attend class, all other members were voting. I’m assuming that we were noticed, but everyone was paying attention to politics. That’s too bad, we really did a good job setting up for this class. There was candy and prizes for students that came to class on time, games and interactive activities, and an upgraded teaching curriculum. I won’t see what results that brings, but I hope it works!

I finished reading the Book of Mormon on Sunday. Near the end, I was particularly touched by Moroni’s comments on Spiritual Gifts, followed by faith, hope, and charity. Last week, President Simmons forwarded a Zone Leader’s email which discussed teaching investigators according to their needs. From a missionary perspective, I learned that Spiritual Gifts are special keys into an investigators heart. Some people may be touched by the Spirit through seeing an Elder possess the Gift of Tongues, or an act of service, or being taught with power, or witnessing the power of the Priesthood, or a prophesy, or any good thing from God. People don’t always beg to be baptized when they are taught the Restoration. Spiritual Gifts are special tools bestowed by Heavenly Father to allow those who are worthy of them to reach the hearts of their hearers. Developing these gifts requires faith hope and charity. I’m sure I already used this superhero analogy, but Thor’s relation to his power is the same as Spiritual Gifts. Heavenly Father trusts worthy individuals with His power and abilities when they show righteous actions. It is our responsibility as members of the church to endure to the end, which process results in developing Spiritual Gifts. These abilities are essential to allowing the Spirit to touch another person’s life in the way they need to be touched. It is also important to “touch not the evil gift”, or in other words share the Gospel in a way contrary to Christ’s teachings. As we deny ourselves of all ungodliness, we will become more like Jesus Christ. As a result, our lives will be filled with the same miracles, power, abilities, and happiness that He enjoyed.

For my last p-day in Sibu, we had a barbecue at our house. I cooked a huge pot of mashed potatoes with gravy, alfredo pasta, rice, chicken, and hot dogs. I’m really enjoying experimentation cooking. It’s really hard cooking for 14 people with the equipment at the house. Everything has to be split into two portions and cooked separately. However, it was a grand success. I’m very proud of my new pasta creation, which uses four types of cheeses imported from France. I love cooking for my fellow Elders!

“Behold, I will show unto the Gentiles their weakness, and I will show unto them that faith, hope and charity bringeth unto me—the fountain of all righteousness” Ether 12:28

Elder Chin


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