Hope in Puchong (LOTS)

I sure worked hard this week. Yesterday was a special treat to finally see the branch members. The previous week was District Conference, many of the Puchong members were mixed in with the other members. The meeting was in English so I could understand all of the meetings. Sacrament meeting attendance was around 70-80, the highest I’ve ever seen on my mission. I was extremely impressed. All the members were warm and understood their role as members to greet new people. The branch is very strong, a balanced mix of men, women, youth, and children. The branch has currently has about 9 missionaries in the field, the most in all of Malaysia. There are returned missionaries, and many experienced leaders serving in positions in the branch. I was more impressed with the branch counsel meeting following the post-church lunch. The members cared very much about their friends and family members. They labor diligently to assist in the missionary work, or rather we do our best to help them in their missionary work. I feel that most of the members have a plan to reach out to their friends. They know what they’re doing, and we’re there to support them. I’m very excited to work with these people. It’s a big Asian mixing pot. There’s Indians, Chinese, White, Iban, Nigerian, Indonesian, Filipino, and many others from all around the world. The Elders Quorum has a great brotherly bond, we’re always laughing together. The youth are strong in their acts of service and commitment to serve missions. We have choir practice after church, people voluntarily bring food (especially for the missionaries), and almost all unit leaders attend branch counsel. I think this is the closest I’m going to get to working with a ward, and I’m very excited to see some growth. According to the past statistics, the growth has been slowing down in the past few months. We hope to use some new tactics in our missionary work, working more closely with members, and becoming more Christlike missionaries.

We received a referral from an outstanding member who was going through some difficult times. We visited her with many members and discussed the joy that comes through living the Gospel. A few members shared their conversion experiences. This week I learned of the power that comes through a testimony. A testimony is a powerful tool which brings about conversion. When a testimony is shared, it is communication between souls. We hope to connect their spirit with heaven. Tonight is our return appointment with that person, we will be sharing about the love of God and Jesus Christ through the power of the Atonement. We are loaded with more members to accompany us, I have high hopes for this appointment.

Elder Chin








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