A lot of events happened this week. I gave my first training as a district leader on how Hope influences our perception of investigators. It gives perspective on what is important, as well as confirms the reality of the Atonement. We are continuing to help and teach… I’ll call her Ke. We had a wonderful Family Home Evening with her and branch members. As we explained the Plan of Salvation, she began to have hope for an eternal family. She began to cry through part of the lesson. I was touched by her sincerity, sometimes I forget or become immune to the blessing of eternal families.

We are continuing to filter through hundreds of potential investigators, upgrading our area book, and finding new people. Many of our current investigators aren’t willing to act, so we’re in the process of flushing out the system. I received some great ideas on my exchange with my zone leader Elder Riddle (from Australia). We found an efficient way to find prepared people on the LRT trains. As time between train stops are only 1-2 minutes long, our contacts need to be fairly quick. However, as we asked inspired questions and asked them to commit to a task, we were able to find people in those small blocks of time. People that are prepared to accept the Gospel may not immediately recognize missionaries as servants of God, but they will have questions. The most effective way to find people that want the Gospel are those who seek him. “Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” The Lord will do his own work, but our responsibility is to open our mouths. I often think of how successful companies advertise their products. Apple doesn’t beg its customers to buy the new iPhone, those that want it will purchase as soon as they get the word. We don’t need to be experts in deceiving people to join a church, the truth of the Gospel is enough. God is placing these prepared people in our path, and your path as well (missionaries and members). God’s promise is that you open your mouth, and He will do His work.

We had a rare privilege of taking the YSA members to contact on the LRT. We split off with members and preached the Gospel. The branch later had a missionary fireside, which further emphasized the importance of member missionary work. The members are some of the most dedicated saints I have ever met. Members with non-member spouses, widows with full-time jobs, college students, and youth are inviting their friends to learn daily. We follow up with members every time we see them. As soon as they meet a new person in the neighborhood, they ask for us to meet them. With this missionary spirit, we are able to accomplish so much with the branch. This area has the perfect ingredients to explode. Give us a few months, and we’re going to baptize the nations!

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