Follow the Spirit

This week I had planned to teach about asking inspired questions in District Meeting. As I began teaching, I felt prompted to change the conversation to Chapter 1 in Preach My Gospel. We discussed our purpose(s) for being on a mission. I later followed up with each district member privately about their thoughts. Remembering my purpose helps me to remain motivated and immersed in missionary work. As two district members are very new and one will be finishing in a month, this topic is very important. I’m learning quite a lot being a District Leader. I’m mostly relearning the same principles I know, but my testimony of them is deepened. I found that following the Spirit is essential. Changing plans quickly and relying on the Lord to help can be awkward, but it is essential to doing the Lord’s work.

I found a teaching style that helps me to set up future appointments with investigators. Keep lessons simple, and leave them with a question to ponder until the next appointment. Don’t explain everything or else the Spirit can’t teach anything. Teach according to their needs, not what you think their needs are. Improving teaching skills is a common theme around the zone, so I’ll focus on that this week.

I’ll be traveling to Singapore this week, I’ll only have a few more trips until I go home. 🙁 I’ll miss being a missionary. It sure is hard, but it’s rewarding.

Elder Chin




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