People Calling Us?

This week, we saw some cool miracles! Last week we called through our potentials, and this week people have been calling us back. In one situation, we were preparing English Class when a boy called us. He had traveled to meet us at the church without us knowing, and we had the opportunity to teach him. He is now a new investigator, and his friend at school is a member in the branch! A man from Nigeria attended church before we had taught him a lesson! He is currently looking for a new church, and seems to be somewhat comfortable in our congregation. After visiting a less active and part member family, they have come to church twice in a row! We’re seeing some great things in Puchong branch, we’re hoping for some more this week.

I traveled to Singapore on Wednesday and Thursday to renew my Visa, taught English classes, then had a BBQ for our investigators. We had planned to have 6 investigators with a few recent converts attend, but only 1 investigator showed up…. how sad. However, we had some great grilled chicken, fruit, and gospel discussion on missionary work. The members are very aware of our push for them to invite their friends and family to learn, however I feel that we could do a better job inspiring them to act. In Preach My Gospel, it says that we should teach members the missionary lessons. This will strengthen their faith to do missionary work more than a missionary can ever persuade them. This parallels all people, we may know WHAT we need to do, and sometimes know the HOW, but motivation comes through the WHY. I feel that when the Spirit touches a person’s heart, they then understand the WHY and have the faith and motivation to do what is necessary. If a person could intellectually comprehend all commandments, we would have a lot more perfect people! But there aren’t, because laws of heaven need to be learned spiritually. Personally, some days are really hard to talk to people. I always comprehend the reason why I should, but a love for the people helps me to act. When we want to feel motivated, we can seek for the Spirit. Read the scriptures, say a prayer, sing a hymn, quote a conference talk, recite an affirmation, remember a family member, ponder an experience, watch a mormon message, help a stranger, compliment a friend, or my personal favorite: give Jesus Christ a high five. I can just envision him looking down at us, and I’ll reach up for a high five! He lives, and I feel that when I send a hand up, he’ll send a hand down.

Elder Chin






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