Move your car!

This week was full of great miracles!

We are working well to find new and quality investigators. We found Ah Bing on the street because someone parked behind his car. He had little belief in God, but we said a prayer with him. As we finished the prayer, the car owner moved her car. He was quite astonished, and we met with him yesterday. I’ve learned a lot about teaching people not lessons. People react entirely different when we place the blessings of the Gospel in their life. Teach from the heart! Don’t be a robot!

The members in Puchong continue to amaze me and serve us. We passed a dinner appointment list around the Elder’s Quorum for the purpose of inviting our investigators to their homes. So many of them are willing to assist us in our efforts. They constantly make sure we have enough food, and sacrament meeting is becoming more spiritual.

In my studies, the Restoration has an even greater significance in my life. Elder Lloyd and I like to think of it not as the Restoration, but as Revelation. There are so many truths and principles in the First Vision, but the most important ones are centered around God. It is important that people understand and believe in a correct form of God. It is essential that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are not the same person, or else the Atonement (aka Plan of Salvation) doesn’t make sense. Heavenly Father is a living and glorified being who knows all of his children. He understands each of us and listens to our prayers. Through his Spirit, he responds to our cries and desires. The message of the Restoration is that God is a merciful father.

This week I will continue my study on the Plan of Salvation. As I study the very basic doctrines of the church, I strengthen my faith that allows me to believe the appendages of the Gospel. The reality of the truth of the Gospel is that God lives! He and Jesus Christ in reality did appear to Joseph Smith. The doctrines and truth that existed before the world was created is contained in the Gospel, graciously restored through a prophet. All things denote that there is a God!

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Chin



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