Miracles and Protection

This week was a miracle finding week! We topped our goal, and 5 people became investigators! We started teaching one of our English class students, and the others were found on the street. We talked with people that seemed to have little interest, but the Lord saw fit to show us His power this week! We had to drop a few investigators, but we’re bringing in bucket-loads more. On Saturday, we decided to check out a nearby mall. As we were rejected by everyone, we decided it was time to travel to a new location. The last man we talked to was near the exit. He was a free thinker, but had a sincere heart. He offered us a ride to our appointment, requested that he follow us to the church, and wanted to learn about the nature of God. He did come to church yesterday and will be meeting us again this week. We met another person while outside the mall who had wanted to talk to us for a long time. She requested that we meet her on the weekend and share more about God. In this part of the world, the people thirst for a knowledge of who God is. With the other beliefs of multiple gods, infinite gods, god is only a spirit, no god, god is each of us, and even Satan is god, many desire to feel a sense of love. Most of our contacts on the LRT are about discerning Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Occasionally we run into people that bash us about random beliefs, but we meet a lot of people that want to feel loved.

This week on Monday, a bomb went off at a bar right next to the church. A man reacted on his angry feelings because of his losing soccer team. Because of his actions, a person lost their life that night. Fortunately, all members and the church were untouched. There was glass covering the street and the remains of the disaster. The news was spread all around the area within that morning. People would have peace if they know of God’s love for them. I have talked to so many Atheists and Free Thinkers that don’t have a clue as to their identity. Their logical reasoning restricts them from the simple truth that God loves us. The first and greatest commandment is to love God, but the greatest truth is that God loved us. Their decision to not believe in God was not by chance, but by choice. I have tried so hard to help them see God in their lives, but some people refuse to accept the concept of prayer. We had to drop an investigator because he would not attempt to pray. It saddens me to know that some people think they are on their own in this world. They literally believe that this world came about by chance, and our existence is in vain. Others believe that God is a spirit, a power, an influence, or energy. They don’t consider the thought that He is a living person. The most basic doctrines and truths of the Gospel are so foreign to some. It requires that each of us must have this fact ingrained in our hearts. If the way we live our lives does not reflect the truth that God lives, we can do more to reach out to those people.

God exists whether we believe in him or not. A disbelief in gravity does not turn it off. However, what we believe about God and how we worship Him is important. Learning truth requires patience; line upon line and precept upon precept. One challenge I had never expected before my mission was teaching the importance of the Godhead. God is our Heavenly Father. He loves us, and provided a plan for us to be happy. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to fulfill this plan. Through the Holy Ghost and through the Spirit, we can know that they love us.

This was was truly miraculous. We saw the greatest miracles this week, but also recognized Satan more than ever. Even literally we encountered a Satanist who threatened us. We did not heed him. We will press forward.

Elder Chin


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