Elder Lloyd is leaving….. :(

This week was amazing! We had a perfectly timed Fourth of July on our P-day and had a glorious BBQ! During the week, we had our first zone conference in our area. We would usually travel to Singapore and have it with half the mission. Almost all missions in the world have the smaller conference, so we got to have our first one this week! We had a great opportunity to tackle the problems in our areas with greater detail. We discussed how each of us is deepening our conversion in the Gospel. The missionaries leaving this transfer had a chance to share their testimony at the end. It was quite a different experience!

We had so many appointments this week! Maybe not that many, but more than I’ve ever had in my mission. A few more investigators accepted a baptismal date, and 5 came to church! The members this week were fantastic and allowed us to invite investigators to their home. We had several appointments where we teach the investigator over dinner, and the success is just flourishing! Our lessons are becoming very concise and solid, which allows us to meet them 3-4 times a week. We hope to move these investigators’ baptismal dates forward. A few could be baptized in a few weeks, but we’ll see what happens this week.

English class was also a great improvement! We created a more detailed teaching plan, and better organized the curriculum. A student brought a friend, and two other students came. Most stayed after English Class to listen to a Gospel Discussion, and we’re planning on a few new investigators! I don’t know how to describe all these experiences, we have so many people to work with. We’ve had so many simple lessons with great progress, the investigators are keeping commitments, and we’re still finding lots of people with interest! Everything is by the Spirit!

I have no idea at what level my Chinese is at. A member commented and said my Chinese was very impressive. Later when I said a prayer, she took back the compliment and said she couldn’t understand me. ??? Elder Lloyd will be finishing his mission tomorrow, and I will be the only Chinese speaking missionary in all of Kuala Lumpur. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up my Chinese alone! These past few weeks with him have been superb. I feel like I’ve been able to “suck” all of the “experience juices” right out of him! He’s given me a lot of tips and advice, and our area is doing great. We’re going to have to juggle a lot when he’s gone though. I’ll probably be in a tri-panionship with Elder Bringhurst and Elder Forsyth. We’ll see!

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Chin

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