The Spirit’s role in Conversion + 100 Days Left Mark

Wow, what a week. Elder Lloyd is back home now, and I’m sticking with Elder Bringhurst and Elder Forsyth. They have taught me so much in the past 6 days! I am so humbled to work with them, they still have their “greenie fire”! This week didn’t turn out as I had hoped, but we’re still alive and still have opportunities to improve.

I taught many lessons this week on how to receive revelation. It is essential investigators understand and believe in a living God. As I helped others do this, I began to hunger for the Spirit. I think I have rarely hungered for the Spirit, but now was one of those times. It seemed so important to me that I was willing to sacrifice anything for it. To be more receptive to the Spirit, distractions must be eliminated. For some time this week I thought that the Spirit was never present, yet I saw miracles. With so many events this week it was hard to focus on specifics. I know that as we simplify our lives and live a Christlike lifestyle, the Spirit can be felt more strongly. Blessings require sacrifice, and distractions take work to minimize. Christ lived a simple life:serve others. I hope to keep this in mind as I plan and coordinate my busy schedule.

Elder Forsyth was sick on Sunday, and were therefore unable to attend church. I was impressed that a few investigators still attended church. I’m grateful for the message of the Gospel, knowing that the Spirit is the teacher. We convert them to the Gospel, not ourselves. The best investigators will stay even if the missionaries are gone. I recently had a chance to message my first convert, who is still a strong active member. He is continuing his personal missionary work within his family and strengthens the other members. Teaching by the Spirit means doing everything possible to create the best environment for the Spirit to touch others. I personally feel it means being full of charity, virtue, and courage. I am most touched by others when I feel their love, see their example, and understand it took them some sacrifice to deliver that message to me. We get credit for trying, and God does the rest.

I can’t believe I’ve come this far, I have 100 days left. I’m grateful for this privilege to stand beside the Savior, doing His work with Him.

Elder Chin

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