I’m Training!

I’m staying in Puchong and training a new missionary! I’m quite excited to work in Puchong with my District. Elder Forsyth is staying and continuing Elder Rich’s training. Elder Bringhurst is moving to Cheras KL branch. There’s some small changes in the mission, but it should be fun!

This week was very busy. I spent a day in KL, PJ, Klang, and Puchong this week. I was partnered with Elder Rich, and we each had to cover an area. We also conducted exchanges with 3 people, and so we spent a lot of time and money on transportation. I got to learn from a lot of different missionaries. It is so important to be humble and teachable. There are so many environments where my faith was tested and my patience stretched. With the many environments this week, I felt my ability to plan improved. We squeezed in appointments between areas, and we were able to balance the work evenly. It wasn’t as productive as a normal week, but we did good for the amount of time and resources we had.

The other Elders had a miraculous experience that I feel is worth sharing. They are currently helping a less active member return to church. He works on Sundays, and the Elders have asked him multiple times to sacrifice so he can receive the spiritual nourishment he needs at church. As they continued to teach him, he shared some personal reasons that restrict his work schedule. He is working to support his mother, who is suffering from an illness. He explained that if he cannot work on Sundays, his boss will not give him the money necessary to keep his mother alive. Elder Bringhurst was then prompted by the Spirit to promise him that if he would quit his job to attend church, a man would approach him within 24 hours with another job. That job would provide double his current salary. It was one of their most powerful lessons. Sacrifice is a true principle. It is not enough to keep the commandments if it is convenient. We must be willing to give up something precious to us in order to receive what God wants to give us. This life is a test, it’s supposed to be hard. It is meant to build us and refine us into what God wants us to be.

I’m pretty sure these last 3 months will be a big test. I’ll find out who my companion is on Thursday. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Elder Chin

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