Elder McCusker!!!

My greenie companion is Elder McCusker! He’s from California and loves to talk to people! Even though I’ve been on a mission for some time, his ability to talk to strangers blows me out of the water. I’m learning so much from him, I doubt I’m able to teach him anything. We have a common goal to be successful, and we’re going to have a lot of fun.

I would like to share my experience in the scriptures this week. I have come to know that Christ lives, and has power to change our lives. When we supply him with all we have, he is able to feed the 5000. He has power to help us see and hear. His power enables us to walk. We can be clean. When our life is filled with storms, we can cry unto the heavens and stand still. He lives and loves each one of you. I know he loves me. He would not help me if he did not love me. His help comes in many forms. It can be through the Spirit, feelings, thoughts of enlightenment, and encouragement. His servants can deliver his messages, show forth his love, and provide an example. The scriptures help us discern the truth, and humble us in our weakness. The truth is that our Father in Heaven and our Savior love us.

Elder Chin


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