Teaching According To Needs

Elder Forsyth and I had a special privilege to work on a project for the mission. We spent a day creating a training video for the English Class. Sister Simmons compiled video footage of missionaries explaining their experiences and direction for their units, and we created a video to help train new and current missionaries. It was quite a lot of fun, and we’ll continue to work on it next week.

We had two heart touching lessons this week. One of our English students has been investigating for over a month, and we haven’t been able to understand why he comes to class or meets with us. Another sister is the same, but our understanding of her is less clear. As we carefully planned to teach them, we felt the need to humble ourselves and teach about things they want to learn. We found outstanding success in our appointments as they shared their feelings and expectations. These experiences help me to talk to people with the intent to understand. It is important that we desire to help other people, and it is equally important that we know how to help them.

The zone leaders challenged us to share the First Vision with three sets of people on Saturday. As we talked to random people outside the church, we found the need to keep contacts rather quick. If we ranted about all the truth we knew, it was too much for them to understand. I learned a lesson to teach according to needs. I found that wisdom is possessing knowledge but only sharing what is necessary.

Preach the Gospel and if necessary, use words.

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Chin





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