Tandem Bikes…

We had a fun zone activity last week. The sisters in the area found a cool waterfall hike for us. Along the way we found some good fruit to eat. There was a waterfall to jump over, random pillars for us to take pictures on, and Malaysians sliding down the waterfall. The following day was our zone meeting. We had a great experience watching roleplays and demonstrations about contacting people. Elder Monson was given a difficult situation where he needed to relate a tandem bike to the Gospel. He boldly declared to the sister that Jesus wanted to ride her tandem bike with her….to church. If he’s anything like President Monson, he makes us laugh. The other day we called him up to give him a challenge. We was prepared to give us a challenge as well. We have so much fun with challenging each other to do hard things. One day Elder Avery, who is currently an assistant, called me with a challenge to find a family. The family needed to have a boy holding a balloon. Our initial thought was doubt, we had never seen anyone holding a balloon in the 4 months I had lived here. However, we found hundreds of balloons around Puchong that day. Some company decided to advertise with balloons, and we found many people to talk to. My zone clearly understands that missionary work is fun. We are being very creative and energized to find people to teach.

We had a surprising spike in English Class attendance. Eight new student attended out of nowhere. We realized that we needed to prepare a little extra to accommodate the younger students. We had most students stay for a Gospel Discussion after the class. I learned from their reaction that many people are attracted to the Spirit, wherever it may be coming from. Sometimes it comes from a Mormon Message, or an uplifting thought, or a smile, or even truth from another faith. Missionary work for me is no longer doing missionary things, but it is a way of life. I seek to do good, encourage others, live righteously. I love to make people laugh, crack jokes, and share truth. I learned that the Gospel makes me happy.

Have a wonderful week.
Elder Chin















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