Another fantastic week! Elder Forsyth and I completed our English Class video project, which President and Sister Simmons loved! We had a surprise visit from Elder Evans from the Seventy. We were the only zone in the mission to see him, and he sure gave us some things to think about. He emphasized the value of Preach my Gospel and The Book of Mormon. Simple doctrines and principles in missionary work were discussed, but my testimony of them deepened. One principle that was discussed was reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning. As we analysed 1 Nephi 1, we found so much information relative to what an investigator needs to know. Some of the most basic truths are parents need to teach their children, fathers are especially a part of that process, praying with your heart, revelation can come in many forms, Heavenly Father lives, Jesus Christ lives, Apostles follow Christ, and obedience brings blessings. All these principles were found in the first chapter, which is where everyone should start reading. This principle is stated in Preach My Gospel, which I feel I should be following more closely. The scriptures (including modern scripture) are revelation directly from God.

Elder McCusker and I attended the new missionary training, in which we practiced the fundamentals of Preach my Gospel. These basic principles are so essential in structuring our tactics and lessons. I am reminded that simple truths are what help us build testimonies and become converted. The truth I most heavily rely on is God’s love for me. Just as all aspects of the Gospel are appendages to the Atonement, the basics of missionary work are simple. We want to teach everyone who God is, who Jesus Christ, and what the Holy Ghost feels like. In KL, we’re almost teaching a “Lesson 0” to these Buddhists. Before anyone can accept “The Book of Mormon”, “the only true church” or “eternal life”, they need to know who God is. I realize how apparent this truth may be missing from our lives. How to gain a testimony of who God is described by Lehi; pray with all of your heart.

I learned to keep missionary work simple. Teach people about God through prayer. Help them read the Book of Mormon from the beginning. Be genuine, clear, concise, loving, and rely on the truths that God has already revealed. I would hope all of our prayers are simple and real. God loves us!

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Elder Chin


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