Laborers in the Vineyard

I would like to share a parable I found great comfort in. The Laborers in the Vineyard explains that the Lord hired servants to work in his vineyard. Some were called early in the day, others during the heat of the day, and others in the evening. Before the sun went down, the master paid each servant what was rightfully theirs. All received the same wage despite the amount of time spent laboring. Some were angry, not because they were underpaid but they thought they deserved more. I is my testimony that our Heavenly Father is a just God and a merciful God. Elder Holland said that if everything in this world was just and fair, and if God only rewarded the perfectly faithful and righteous, he wouldn’t have much of a distribution list. I am grateful that this life isn’t perfectly fair. We shouldn’t be angry when another person receives blessings. We are all beggars, none of us are perfect. More importantly we should not restrict these blessings to others. None of us deserve a second chance, but here we are on Earth with countless opportunities to prove ourselves worthy. Love others, for He loves us.

Elder Chin


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