Johor Bahru With a Native

My new area is Johor Bahru, and I have my first native companion Elder Low!!! He’s from Ipoh Malaysia, and he’s teaching me a ton of Chinese. I thought my Chinese was good, well alright, but he’s teaching me every day. We had some opportunities to get to know each other, he’s an outstanding missionary. He is an only-member convert, and his faith is enough to help him push through some of the hardest parts of a mission. Elder Low loves to talk to people and have fun. Our area is right outside Singapore, so many people we talk to are very busy and well educated. We’re needing to build up the area with investigators. Because the members don’t have much time during the week to meet with us, we’re on our own to find people. We’re doing our best to explore and try new ideas.

I honestly really miss Puchong, and it’s only been a week. The Elders there have already updated me with fantastic miracles that occurred this week. Investigators and less-actives that I had tried meeting with are finally following through, and they are having marvelous success. I am so happy for them. Puchong really felt like home for me. It was bittersweet to leave, and I learned a lesson. Throughout the week, I wondered why I had to leave those great people at this time in my mission. I only had 6 weeks left, so why did I have to move? As I pondered, it was found in my purpose as a missionary. I left family I love so that others could be blessed. My family in Puchong will remember me, and I am in Johor so that they can be blessed. Love requires sacrifice. So far, I met outstanding members here who although have a busier schedule than those members in KL, they have amazing testimonies. It is amazing that the church is the same throughout the world. Perhaps it’s nice when the meetings start on time, or the attendance is greater, or the work is easier, but the principles of the Gospel are consistent. I am glad that no matter where I go, I don’t have to worry if truth will ever change.

Elder Chin



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