English Class Double Attendance!!!!

Last week we played at an escape room. We played the game Annabelle which was supposed to be really scary. It was more funny for the six of us as we figured out the puzzles and scared each other in the dark. This week was just wonderful.

We had a miracle at English Class. We did not have sufficient materials to advertise the class, and I was still getting used to how the unit was run in the past. The weekly attendance has been dropping for 5 weeks, and we were losing our students. As we prayed throughout the week for help, I found small things to change in the curriculum. This week, our student attendance doubled from 8 to 15! Of those students, 80% of them stayed to watch a Mormon Message. Half of those students then came to our movie night the following day. Those people then invited the missionaries into their home to share a message over dinner. Only two weeks of change and we’re already finding great success from our small acts of faith.

I am continuing to find ways to share my talents with others. We are strengthening our relationship with the branch members through notes of gratitude and origami gifts! It just fills the branch with a loving and family atmosphere. We love the members even though there is little time to visit them.

We found three new investigators through former investigators, and we’re back to square one with them. We’re teaching them who God is. It’s so important that they know who they pray to, and who they worship. I have found great revelation as I strive to understand this myself. The Gospel is so simple and offers so much peace. It’s worth sharing.

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Elder Chin





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