A couple of great things happened this week, we had a baptism! Wee Loon was baptized and confirmed, and his girlfriend should be on the way as well! I’m proud of him, even though I only taught him a few times. We also found a new family to teach. As we were trying to find a less-active’s house for the third time, we felt prompted to knock on a house. The people there directed us to another house. Those people accepted an English Class flyer when their neighbor came out. That person was looking for a Christian church, and we were quickly able to make good connections to her. In that same neighborhood we found another man who was willing to learn about prayer and find answers to life-questions. It was definitely a great week.

Another English Class miracle: eight more students than last week. A few of those students were brand new, others were brought back from previous classes. Two of those new students became new investigators. I am so happy to see the English unit growing so rapidly, it will be an excellent tool. Right now I’m focusing on member involvement, we only have one member helping us out. As always, missionary success soars with member help.

I hope everyone enjoyed conference, I am excited to watch it this next weekend. Of course I have some good snacks prepared, as well as a list of questions. I will also be attending zone conference in Singapore on Wednesday. This will be my last zone conference 🙁 but I am excited to continue to learn and share a few thoughts.

I had great success as I kept commitments extended in district meeting. The topic of training was attitude. Not only is success unlocked by attitude, but happiness is found. I found that this attitude is what I would call charity. This principle is demonstrated in a talk called The Fourth Missionary. Essentially, a missionary can be obedient, hard working, worthy, and focused, but without a willing heart and devoted attitude he will fail to reap all of the blessings. In other words if we have faith and hope but not charity, we are nothing. This week I remembered to be grateful for things I have been given, and made a particular effort to understand that I do not deserve any blessing or good thing. It is a gift from God. I also remembered to focus my energy to hoping that those who rejected us will someday remember us. A good attitude doesn’t guarantee instant success, but it does bring satisfaction and motivation. Soon after will come the success.

Well, the time is soon coming. I have my flight plans to come home. I will be back October 26th. Anyone is welcome to come and visit me, but I’m hoping not to have a mega hula party or something. I don’t like a lot of attention, but I do hope to see some old friends.

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Chin









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