I Have Less Weeks Than You Have Years

I’m happy to report that the English Class is always improving. We have had a miracle every week of the transfer. With a stunning 11 new students this week, we hope to reach at least 30 students next week. The Lord is blessing us with creative ways to structure our unit, and we will soon be reaping the harvest from this field of crops.

Elder Low and I have had wonderful experiences with our few investigators. As we taught Sister Pia, she began to ask us questions about a living prophet. She is so wonderful, even though I always get really serious in lessons. This week she asked me, “Elder Low, you’re so funny….Elder Chin….you’re so serious….”. I learned to loosen up a little, and she started being more serious. We will be meeting with her a few times this week to answer her questions. Another mother, Sister Yong, asked us perfect questions about the Plan of Salvation. She is concerned for the salvation of her ancestors. I have confidence that these two sisters can be baptized within the next month. Sister Yong took a huge leap of faith and attended church for all three hours. We will continue to meet with them several times this week.

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on Loving One Another. I suggested three ideas to help us show our care to others. Just as our Heavenly Father patiently listens to our prayers, listen to what others have to say. Try to understand their feelings. Learning to forgive is also essential to loving others. As we let go of hard feelings, we will better understand the patience Heavenly Father has for us. Thirdly, learn to sacrifice our time, resources, and energy. I referenced Elder Bednar’s talk called Character of Christ. Our opportunities to show love to others will not always be convenient. At times it may require that we show care for others when we ourselves may feel unloved. Sacrifice is the greatest form of love. As we learn to listen, forgive, and sacrifice, we will come to understand how much we are loved.

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Chin

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