Best Last Week Ever!!!

I had the most wonderful last week ever! We were able to witness the most amazing miracles ever! The lessons with investigators were of the highest quality, and we doubled the number of appointments this week. We also had a successful branch BBQ, which had a huge impact on the Sunday meetings the following day. But perhaps the most amazing thing of all was a prayer of mine that was answered.

Ever since I arrived in Johor I had wondered why I was sent here. I soon found that I had much to contribute to the English Unit. I was able to direct the organization and work, which resulted in great success. In the missionary area I found that I was able to double the investigator pool size, as well as help half of them become progressing towards baptism. One of the remaining difficulties was helping the members to become engaged in missionary work. The entire transfer I had felt that our potential to have investigators progress relied heavily on member-missionary work. After 6 weeks of prayer, we had a very successful branch activity. Elder and Sister Lamb headed this activity, and we (the Elders) assisted to organize this with the branch mission coordinator. On Saturday night we hosted the BBQ inside our apartment complex. Many branch members attended, but what was surprising was to see almost an equal number of people I had never met. The party was very smooth, but the effect of this event was more than this.

The church meetings on Sunday had previously been somewhat shaky. We had been looking for a way to increase the spiritual atmosphere in the Sacrament meeting and classes. For some reason, perhaps the branch BBQ, but I am convinced it was the 6 six weeks of prayer, it happened. We didn’t do anything special, we just did what we were supposed to do. We prepared the building, played hymns, greeted people, participated in class, and helped members to fellowship non-members. Perhaps it was a change in myself. I felt the Spirit more strongly in that church meeting than in most of my mission. I felt a sense of love. Teachers were attentive to the classes’ needs, investigators came to church, and I felt the love that the Savior has for the members of this branch. I think the result of the work of this transfer has helped the branch increase in its ability to love, but it also helped me to love them. The prayer I had this transfer was to see a miracle, and know that I my work was acceptable to the Lord. I know I was supposed to be here because I changed. I didn’t think I would learn to love Johor in 6 weeks, but I feel like I’m leaving home now. I will miss them.

I’ll see everyone at home!
Elder Chin






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