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Teaching According To Needs

Elder Forsyth and I had a special privilege to work on a project for the mission. We spent a day creating a training video for the English Class. Sister Simmons compiled video footage of missionaries explaining their experiences and direction for their units, and we created a video to help train new and current missionaries. It was quite a lot of fun, and we’ll continue to work on it next week.

We had two heart touching lessons this week. One of our English students has been investigating for over a month, and we haven’t been able to understand why he comes to class or meets with us. Another sister is the same, but our understanding of her is less clear. As we carefully planned to teach them, we felt the need to humble ourselves and teach about things they want to learn. We found outstanding success in our appointments as they shared their feelings and expectations. These experiences help me to talk to people with the intent to understand. It is important that we desire to help other people, and it is equally important that we know how to help them.

The zone leaders challenged us to share the First Vision with three sets of people on Saturday. As we talked to random people outside the church, we found the need to keep contacts rather quick. If we ranted about all the truth we knew, it was too much for them to understand. I learned a lesson to teach according to needs. I found that wisdom is possessing knowledge but only sharing what is necessary.

Preach the Gospel and if necessary, use words.

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Chin





Elder McCusker!!!

My greenie companion is Elder McCusker! He’s from California and loves to talk to people! Even though I’ve been on a mission for some time, his ability to talk to strangers blows me out of the water. I’m learning so much from him, I doubt I’m able to teach him anything. We have a common goal to be successful, and we’re going to have a lot of fun.

I would like to share my experience in the scriptures this week. I have come to know that Christ lives, and has power to change our lives. When we supply him with all we have, he is able to feed the 5000. He has power to help us see and hear. His power enables us to walk. We can be clean. When our life is filled with storms, we can cry unto the heavens and stand still. He lives and loves each one of you. I know he loves me. He would not help me if he did not love me. His help comes in many forms. It can be through the Spirit, feelings, thoughts of enlightenment, and encouragement. His servants can deliver his messages, show forth his love, and provide an example. The scriptures help us discern the truth, and humble us in our weakness. The truth is that our Father in Heaven and our Savior love us.

Elder Chin


I’m Training!

I’m staying in Puchong and training a new missionary! I’m quite excited to work in Puchong with my District. Elder Forsyth is staying and continuing Elder Rich’s training. Elder Bringhurst is moving to Cheras KL branch. There’s some small changes in the mission, but it should be fun!

This week was very busy. I spent a day in KL, PJ, Klang, and Puchong this week. I was partnered with Elder Rich, and we each had to cover an area. We also conducted exchanges with 3 people, and so we spent a lot of time and money on transportation. I got to learn from a lot of different missionaries. It is so important to be humble and teachable. There are so many environments where my faith was tested and my patience stretched. With the many environments this week, I felt my ability to plan improved. We squeezed in appointments between areas, and we were able to balance the work evenly. It wasn’t as productive as a normal week, but we did good for the amount of time and resources we had.

The other Elders had a miraculous experience that I feel is worth sharing. They are currently helping a less active member return to church. He works on Sundays, and the Elders have asked him multiple times to sacrifice so he can receive the spiritual nourishment he needs at church. As they continued to teach him, he shared some personal reasons that restrict his work schedule. He is working to support his mother, who is suffering from an illness. He explained that if he cannot work on Sundays, his boss will not give him the money necessary to keep his mother alive. Elder Bringhurst was then prompted by the Spirit to promise him that if he would quit his job to attend church, a man would approach him within 24 hours with another job. That job would provide double his current salary. It was one of their most powerful lessons. Sacrifice is a true principle. It is not enough to keep the commandments if it is convenient. We must be willing to give up something precious to us in order to receive what God wants to give us. This life is a test, it’s supposed to be hard. It is meant to build us and refine us into what God wants us to be.

I’m pretty sure these last 3 months will be a big test. I’ll find out who my companion is on Thursday. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Elder Chin

I Found Nirvana!

Firstly, I found Nirvana! It was after a 1 hour walk along the highway! Secondly, I like to exercise with poster people!

What an interesting week! Some parts were really slow, other parts quite exciting. Our English Classes this week were a huge success! Most of our success came from thorough planning and coordinating our efforts with members. We asked a few members to attend the class and help teach. Before the classes started, we held a short training with our whole “team”. We set a vision for English Class, gave training, and practiced teaching. Three new students attended this week, who also came to church the following day. We were also able to teach Gospel Discussion classes, which all of our students stayed for! English Class is becoming an effective finding tool in our missionary work. I learned that simple planning helps everything run much smoother.

A lot of lessons didn’t work out this week, but we did have a few great improvements to the investigator pool. We began to teach a girl who lives in a member’s home. As we talked, it was apparent that the members had already began helping her develop good habits. She already prayed daily and wanted to feel the Spirit more frequently. In the discussion, she shared positive experiences she had with prayer. I was touched by her sincerity. We are now teaching a few more people, some with great potential.

Elder Chin




The Spirit’s role in Conversion + 100 Days Left Mark

Wow, what a week. Elder Lloyd is back home now, and I’m sticking with Elder Bringhurst and Elder Forsyth. They have taught me so much in the past 6 days! I am so humbled to work with them, they still have their “greenie fire”! This week didn’t turn out as I had hoped, but we’re still alive and still have opportunities to improve.

I taught many lessons this week on how to receive revelation. It is essential investigators understand and believe in a living God. As I helped others do this, I began to hunger for the Spirit. I think I have rarely hungered for the Spirit, but now was one of those times. It seemed so important to me that I was willing to sacrifice anything for it. To be more receptive to the Spirit, distractions must be eliminated. For some time this week I thought that the Spirit was never present, yet I saw miracles. With so many events this week it was hard to focus on specifics. I know that as we simplify our lives and live a Christlike lifestyle, the Spirit can be felt more strongly. Blessings require sacrifice, and distractions take work to minimize. Christ lived a simple life:serve others. I hope to keep this in mind as I plan and coordinate my busy schedule.

Elder Forsyth was sick on Sunday, and were therefore unable to attend church. I was impressed that a few investigators still attended church. I’m grateful for the message of the Gospel, knowing that the Spirit is the teacher. We convert them to the Gospel, not ourselves. The best investigators will stay even if the missionaries are gone. I recently had a chance to message my first convert, who is still a strong active member. He is continuing his personal missionary work within his family and strengthens the other members. Teaching by the Spirit means doing everything possible to create the best environment for the Spirit to touch others. I personally feel it means being full of charity, virtue, and courage. I am most touched by others when I feel their love, see their example, and understand it took them some sacrifice to deliver that message to me. We get credit for trying, and God does the rest.

I can’t believe I’ve come this far, I have 100 days left. I’m grateful for this privilege to stand beside the Savior, doing His work with Him.

Elder Chin

Elder Lloyd is leaving….. 🙁

This week was amazing! We had a perfectly timed Fourth of July on our P-day and had a glorious BBQ! During the week, we had our first zone conference in our area. We would usually travel to Singapore and have it with half the mission. Almost all missions in the world have the smaller conference, so we got to have our first one this week! We had a great opportunity to tackle the problems in our areas with greater detail. We discussed how each of us is deepening our conversion in the Gospel. The missionaries leaving this transfer had a chance to share their testimony at the end. It was quite a different experience!

We had so many appointments this week! Maybe not that many, but more than I’ve ever had in my mission. A few more investigators accepted a baptismal date, and 5 came to church! The members this week were fantastic and allowed us to invite investigators to their home. We had several appointments where we teach the investigator over dinner, and the success is just flourishing! Our lessons are becoming very concise and solid, which allows us to meet them 3-4 times a week. We hope to move these investigators’ baptismal dates forward. A few could be baptized in a few weeks, but we’ll see what happens this week.

English class was also a great improvement! We created a more detailed teaching plan, and better organized the curriculum. A student brought a friend, and two other students came. Most stayed after English Class to listen to a Gospel Discussion, and we’re planning on a few new investigators! I don’t know how to describe all these experiences, we have so many people to work with. We’ve had so many simple lessons with great progress, the investigators are keeping commitments, and we’re still finding lots of people with interest! Everything is by the Spirit!

I have no idea at what level my Chinese is at. A member commented and said my Chinese was very impressive. Later when I said a prayer, she took back the compliment and said she couldn’t understand me. ??? Elder Lloyd will be finishing his mission tomorrow, and I will be the only Chinese speaking missionary in all of Kuala Lumpur. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up my Chinese alone! These past few weeks with him have been superb. I feel like I’ve been able to “suck” all of the “experience juices” right out of him! He’s given me a lot of tips and advice, and our area is doing great. We’re going to have to juggle a lot when he’s gone though. I’ll probably be in a tri-panionship with Elder Bringhurst and Elder Forsyth. We’ll see!

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Chin

Miracles and Protection

This week was a miracle finding week! We topped our goal, and 5 people became investigators! We started teaching one of our English class students, and the others were found on the street. We talked with people that seemed to have little interest, but the Lord saw fit to show us His power this week! We had to drop a few investigators, but we’re bringing in bucket-loads more. On Saturday, we decided to check out a nearby mall. As we were rejected by everyone, we decided it was time to travel to a new location. The last man we talked to was near the exit. He was a free thinker, but had a sincere heart. He offered us a ride to our appointment, requested that he follow us to the church, and wanted to learn about the nature of God. He did come to church yesterday and will be meeting us again this week. We met another person while outside the mall who had wanted to talk to us for a long time. She requested that we meet her on the weekend and share more about God. In this part of the world, the people thirst for a knowledge of who God is. With the other beliefs of multiple gods, infinite gods, god is only a spirit, no god, god is each of us, and even Satan is god, many desire to feel a sense of love. Most of our contacts on the LRT are about discerning Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Occasionally we run into people that bash us about random beliefs, but we meet a lot of people that want to feel loved.

This week on Monday, a bomb went off at a bar right next to the church. A man reacted on his angry feelings because of his losing soccer team. Because of his actions, a person lost their life that night. Fortunately, all members and the church were untouched. There was glass covering the street and the remains of the disaster. The news was spread all around the area within that morning. People would have peace if they know of God’s love for them. I have talked to so many Atheists and Free Thinkers that don’t have a clue as to their identity. Their logical reasoning restricts them from the simple truth that God loves us. The first and greatest commandment is to love God, but the greatest truth is that God loved us. Their decision to not believe in God was not by chance, but by choice. I have tried so hard to help them see God in their lives, but some people refuse to accept the concept of prayer. We had to drop an investigator because he would not attempt to pray. It saddens me to know that some people think they are on their own in this world. They literally believe that this world came about by chance, and our existence is in vain. Others believe that God is a spirit, a power, an influence, or energy. They don’t consider the thought that He is a living person. The most basic doctrines and truths of the Gospel are so foreign to some. It requires that each of us must have this fact ingrained in our hearts. If the way we live our lives does not reflect the truth that God lives, we can do more to reach out to those people.

God exists whether we believe in him or not. A disbelief in gravity does not turn it off. However, what we believe about God and how we worship Him is important. Learning truth requires patience; line upon line and precept upon precept. One challenge I had never expected before my mission was teaching the importance of the Godhead. God is our Heavenly Father. He loves us, and provided a plan for us to be happy. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to fulfill this plan. Through the Holy Ghost and through the Spirit, we can know that they love us.

This was was truly miraculous. We saw the greatest miracles this week, but also recognized Satan more than ever. Even literally we encountered a Satanist who threatened us. We did not heed him. We will press forward.

Elder Chin


Move your car!

This week was full of great miracles!

We are working well to find new and quality investigators. We found Ah Bing on the street because someone parked behind his car. He had little belief in God, but we said a prayer with him. As we finished the prayer, the car owner moved her car. He was quite astonished, and we met with him yesterday. I’ve learned a lot about teaching people not lessons. People react entirely different when we place the blessings of the Gospel in their life. Teach from the heart! Don’t be a robot!

The members in Puchong continue to amaze me and serve us. We passed a dinner appointment list around the Elder’s Quorum for the purpose of inviting our investigators to their homes. So many of them are willing to assist us in our efforts. They constantly make sure we have enough food, and sacrament meeting is becoming more spiritual.

In my studies, the Restoration has an even greater significance in my life. Elder Lloyd and I like to think of it not as the Restoration, but as Revelation. There are so many truths and principles in the First Vision, but the most important ones are centered around God. It is important that people understand and believe in a correct form of God. It is essential that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are not the same person, or else the Atonement (aka Plan of Salvation) doesn’t make sense. Heavenly Father is a living and glorified being who knows all of his children. He understands each of us and listens to our prayers. Through his Spirit, he responds to our cries and desires. The message of the Restoration is that God is a merciful father.

This week I will continue my study on the Plan of Salvation. As I study the very basic doctrines of the church, I strengthen my faith that allows me to believe the appendages of the Gospel. The reality of the truth of the Gospel is that God lives! He and Jesus Christ in reality did appear to Joseph Smith. The doctrines and truth that existed before the world was created is contained in the Gospel, graciously restored through a prophet. All things denote that there is a God!

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Chin



The First Shall Be Last

No one saw that coming. Elder Li is moving to Sitiawan on Wednesday to finish his mission. I’m with Elder Lloyd again, and he is also finishing! I’m pretty sure I’ll be training next transfer, so Puchong is probably my last area but I can’t be sure. I would like to stay here until I’m finished, but we’ll see.

We had two new English class students attend, and the two students from last week returned! A member also attended to fellowship these people, we’re getting close to some new investigators. At English class, we learn to have a lot of fun answering questions. We love to make them think and figure it out themselves. From the few students we have, I feel that we can improve the class into a large attendance.

I conducted companion exchanges with Elder Forsyth this week. He sure impressed me! Almost all of the appointments canceled, and it rained really hard. We spent the day in the LRT going back and forth. We finished the day with 14 potential investigators. I think I learned more than he learned from me. When Elder Forsyth talks to people, he gets to know them really well. Most importantly, he understands their situation enough to apply the Gospel in their lives. This results in many more people with interest in the Gospel. I learned to love the people.

I conducted my first baptismal interview for Elder Bringhurst and Elder Forsyth. Despite how much I prepared, I wish I had prepared more. It must be terrifying for the investigator! She was shaking and crying during the interview even though I tried my best to comfort her. Situations are really tricky to handle, so I had to rely on the Spirit. It turned out alright, and they have a baptism on Saturday! They will have another baptism in 3 weeks, this branch is doing great!

I received a training from the Zone Leaders about being accountable for our work. When I report with my district, I will be a guide in helping them understand themselves how to improve. It has really helped me to improve as well. I’m surprised how much I learn from helping others.

Looking forward to another great week!
Elder Chin




People Calling Us?

This week, we saw some cool miracles! Last week we called through our potentials, and this week people have been calling us back. In one situation, we were preparing English Class when a boy called us. He had traveled to meet us at the church without us knowing, and we had the opportunity to teach him. He is now a new investigator, and his friend at school is a member in the branch! A man from Nigeria attended church before we had taught him a lesson! He is currently looking for a new church, and seems to be somewhat comfortable in our congregation. After visiting a less active and part member family, they have come to church twice in a row! We’re seeing some great things in Puchong branch, we’re hoping for some more this week.

I traveled to Singapore on Wednesday and Thursday to renew my Visa, taught English classes, then had a BBQ for our investigators. We had planned to have 6 investigators with a few recent converts attend, but only 1 investigator showed up…. how sad. However, we had some great grilled chicken, fruit, and gospel discussion on missionary work. The members are very aware of our push for them to invite their friends and family to learn, however I feel that we could do a better job inspiring them to act. In Preach My Gospel, it says that we should teach members the missionary lessons. This will strengthen their faith to do missionary work more than a missionary can ever persuade them. This parallels all people, we may know WHAT we need to do, and sometimes know the HOW, but motivation comes through the WHY. I feel that when the Spirit touches a person’s heart, they then understand the WHY and have the faith and motivation to do what is necessary. If a person could intellectually comprehend all commandments, we would have a lot more perfect people! But there aren’t, because laws of heaven need to be learned spiritually. Personally, some days are really hard to talk to people. I always comprehend the reason why I should, but a love for the people helps me to act. When we want to feel motivated, we can seek for the Spirit. Read the scriptures, say a prayer, sing a hymn, quote a conference talk, recite an affirmation, remember a family member, ponder an experience, watch a mormon message, help a stranger, compliment a friend, or my personal favorite: give Jesus Christ a high five. I can just envision him looking down at us, and I’ll reach up for a high five! He lives, and I feel that when I send a hand up, he’ll send a hand down.

Elder Chin






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